10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard we are going to steal have you ever stolen anything in your life well some of you might have taken I don’t know five bucks from your mom’s purse without her knowing at least once in your life but the act of lawlessness pales in comparison for what I have in store for you today we’re going to be talking about 10 of the biggest things ever stolen number one is probably the biggest highs of them all so make sure you stay tuned for that one with all that said and done

number 10 a Buddhist temple bell

let’s begin shall we number 10 a buddhist temple bell buddhists all over the world aim for one thing enlightenment some buddhists even go to such extremes as living a very frugal life forsaking any and all material possessions for a buddhist at a temple in tacoma washington in 2015 enlightenment came as usual by letting go of material objects only this particular type of enlightenment was much more literal than usual as it involved the loss of a 3 000 pound 12 foot tall copper monastery bell police were baffled as to how the thieves managed the theft due to the bell’s enormous weight and size the temple abbott speculated that the people who stole it wanted to make money with no consideration for the significance of it and how important it is in the practice of buddhism indeed amongst commonly used bells to signify the beginning of meditation making them highly sacred to buddhist monks some people speculate that the thieves melted the bell down and sold its weight in copper but i highly doubt that most people think that the bell ended up fetching a lot of money in the black market which is something i believe in far more before we move on i’ve got a little challenge for you that’ll take five seconds to complete so here’s the deal you just leave a like on this video smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell and you will get 25 years of amazing luck try it it really works 10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

number 9 an entire church

number nine an entire church keeping it in the religious theme a Christianity is a religion that has existed for more than a thousand years now with that kind of history you’re going to be sure that it has amassed a great amount of treasure both with monetary and historical value in fact most religious artefacts heists often involve one or more Christian relics or treasures, however, these are fairly small items and can easily be hidden but in 2008 someone or more likely a bunch of someones were able to pull off a heist so epic that they made an entire building disappear the building in question was an old unused church in a village called Komarov it had stood there until about 1869 that is until thieves hauled it off bricked by brick initially the theft went unnoticed as

they weren’t using the church at the time moreover it was located in a remote area of the town church officials had been considering resuming use of the building but the plan was dismantled before their very eyes, of course, they could still gather in the open-air foundations of the building every Sunday morning in rural Russia churches are targeted more often than you’d think as religious icons and building materials can be sold off for profit I like to think it all comes down to foul play between rival churches but you’ll have to ask the pope on that one10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

number 8 an 800-year-old tree

number eight an 800-year-old tree if there is one thing that seems impossible to steal it’s probably a tree because well roots and the fact that they are so massive and heavy that hauling one-off isn’t really an easy task but if there’s something that this next entry on our list should tell us is that nothing is impossible to steal for a determined thief the tree that was stolen in this entry was an 800-year-old red cedar tree which was happily spending its days in the Carmina wall brown provincial park in Vancouver island British Columbia although the height of the tree wasn’t reported its diameter was measured at nine feet in diameter funny thing though park ranges already knew a year

before the tree went missing that someone was trying to steal it they had come across the tree cut 80 per cent of the way through with a chainsaw not wanting to leave this safety hazard upright they hired professionals to finish the job but they just left the trunk there lying on the forest floor until eventually it was picked up it is assumed it was by the people who tried to cut it in the first place and this was also an entire year later 10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

number 7 an entire bridge

number seven an entire bridge yes you heard me right an entire bridge was successfully stolen in Russia and of course it was Russia this happened fairly recently as well as the news only broke around mid-may of 2019. located in a desolate area near the border of Finland in the arctic region the bridge was a crucial crossing for the Zumba river and was formally an active railway crossing Russian authorities launched

a criminal investigation into the disappearance of the nearly 62-ton 75-foot long-span rumour has it that the bridge was dismantled by metal thieves for scrap that’s apparently a pretty big issue throughout the region now an entire bridge being stolen is surely an isolated case right well not if it happened twice a similar bridge was stolen in karbavarsk in eastern Russia this bridge was more than twice as heavy as the first one at 200 tons but what’s remarkable is that the thieves only needed one night to haul the middle bridge piece by piece 10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

number 6 a nuclear submarine

number six a nuclear submarine in 1968 soviet submarine k-129 sank 16 000 feet to the bottom of the pacific ocean 1600 miles northwest of Hawaii for completely unknown reasons at the time Russian technology was unable to locate or retrieve the warhead latent wreckage but their cold war rivals in the USA found out about the submarine’s fate of course uncle sam wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to get their hands on a soviet submarine laden with potentially useful intel not to mention intact nuclear weaponry to keep things hush-hush

they assigned the CIA to the case in 1974 spending about 4 billion in adjusted dollars the CIA had built a huge Nomar explorer this basically involved grafting a giant crane onto a ship to drag the submarine up to the surface the procedure wasn’t perfect and parts of the submarine broke off during recovery and sank back down

however, the chunk the CIA caught on their expensive fishing trip did indeed contain nuclear torpedoes, as well as some of the sailor’s bodies inquiries above the operation which was initially presented to the public as nothing more than a manganese mining operation, had a surprising cultural outcome too covering the tracks of the operation under the development of the phrase and neither confirm nor deny this is now known as the colour response after the name of the recovery vessel 10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

number 5 a Boeing 727

number five a Boeing 727 on may 25th 2003 two men casually boarded and flew off with a Boeing 727 right off the runway of Puerto de Ferreiro airport in Rwanda Angola it wasn’t given clearance to fly it did not even radio air traffic control it just flew off never to be seen again the FBI and the CIA searched the globe for years and couldn’t find so much as in-flight peanuts two men were spotted boring the plane

before it took off American pilot and flight engineer ben c Padilla any mechanic from the congo named john m mutants Padilla wasn’t certified to fly a 727 much less the mechanic but both were involved with renovations on the plane in the months before Padilla’s sister has stated that she thinks her brother was somehow coerced into stealing the plane and is now held captive somewhere in the world others have speculated based on the fact that bedillo was previously found guilty of fraud that the theft was a money-making scheme whatever happened to the 727 is still one of aviation’s greatest

number 4 dinosaur skeleton

mysteries four a dinosaur skeleton I found this one very surprising while researching for this list there is serious money to be made from dinosaur bones I honestly didn’t know about this one the fossil trade is so lucrative in fact that some people resort to theft and smuggling just to get a huge payout probably one of the most well-known cases of this happening is the one that happened to Florida man Erik prakapi the dinosaur in question was called the tyrannosaurus batter a smaller albeit not cuter cousin of the more popular tyrannosaurus rex

they’re basically the same large vicious carnivores with a big appetite and stubby hands except for the size of course and much like its bigger cousin the t-Batara skeleton does fetch quite a price at auctions and in the black market for copy a fossil dealer admitted to stealing the skeleton from the gobi desert smuggling it into u.s and selling it at an auction for more than a million dollars or rather it would have sold for that amount if the feds didn’t confiscate the bones he was then sentenced to three months in jail which to me is a pretty light sentence actually

number 3 A Beach

number three a beach really at first stealing an entire beach does seem improbable but in a country like jamaica apparently anything can happen back in 2008 police officials were baffled how hundreds of tons of white sand disappeared from a future resort they estimated that 500 truckloads of sand were taken and they don’t know who and how it was done without any witnesses there have been a lot of theories on how and why this happened though primarily involving the construction industry some people speculate that other hotels and resorts being built at the time of the theft were somehow involved with

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the disappearance of the beach police have gone as far as testing other beaches for traces of the missing sand apparently sand testing is a real thing and they have found some of the soul and sand on different beaches located on the northern coast of jamaica so far there are no suspects in sight and no arrests have been made [Music] now it’s time for today’s best pick and today we’ll be talking about a stolen ship but definitely not in the way it is depicted in the photo do you really need me to tell you it’s impossible to lift a fully loaded cargo ship just by using four helicopters I guess not it is possible for people to steal a massive ship though and the next entry is just an example of one such occurrence

Number 2 fully loaded oil tanker

number two a fully loaded oil tanker in 2017 Somali pirates managed to hijack a fully loaded oil tanker the ship called the Aeris 13 had decided to take time and fuel-saving shortcut through what’s known as the Socrata gap they soon regretted the shortcut after their ship got hijacked by local pirates in a scenario reminiscent of a certain tom hanks film ransom discussion soon began regarding both

the crew and the ship’s contents once the pirates realized that tanker was under the employee of prominent Somali businessmen who Somali pirates tend to avoid wrestling with they released the crew and later the ship surprisingly without ransom this made their whole endeavour a complete waste of time but at least nobody was hurt

number one a mountaintop

number one a mountaintop there are thieves and there are thieves who go above and beyond and nothing epitomizes going above and beyond the mountains and these thieves literally went above and beyond by you guessed it stealing a mountain okay not the entire mountain through just the top of it which is still a feat by itself the culprits were an entire village of people all from the homes village in eastern India locals slowly chipped away at the mountain to sell to property developers and use the earnings to feed

10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

their families the village doesn’t have much else in terms of the industry so people work 11 hours a day viewing the peak from a point into more of a stub while this is, in fact, illegal local authorities tend to turn a blind eye as the mountain is one of the few sources of work in the area a local businessman has even laid a claim of ownership upon the mountain in an attempt to remove the criminal edge from the operation but the authenticity of the claim is questionable at best unless something changes

10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

the locals will eventually have stolen an entire mountain would you be daring enough to try stealing any of the things we mentioned on this list let us know in the comment section down below want to read more post about amazing human achievements legal or otherwise click on any videos you see on your screen as always thank you all for reading and I’ll see you all next time later everybody 10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

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10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard10 BIGGEST Things Ever Stolen Have You Heard

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