10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

10 Forbidden Places You're Not Allowed to Visit

10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit when it comes to adventures nothing can be more appealing than a place that has forbidden these types of places to make you wonder about the secrecy of whatever goes on inside them and surely many of us would like to be among the first people to walk into all of these unknown mysteries but there’s a reason why we’re not allowed in there don’t you think today we’ll be looking at 10 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit some of these restrictions are for your own good as setting into the area could ultimately mean your own death other places are forbidden due to the beliefs of the people who live near there in other places and well we don’t know why they’re forbidden but we’ll try to get to the bottom of it today stay with me all the way to the top and find out about a forbidden place, oh you’d love to see but it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever be able to visit it with all that said and done 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 10 Bohemian Grove the USA

let’s begin shall we number 10 Bohemian Grove USA have you ever been part of a boys club well I’m sure none of them was as exclusive as the one I have here Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio California is famous for its 2700 acre meetup place for men but not just any men no no no we’re talking about past and present u.s. presidents of government leaders business leaders artists musicians and all kinds of men in higher positions of influence from around the world each July these guys come together for a very exclusive reunion there’s a rumour saying that a few years ago they had a meeting in which they planned the atomic bombing, however, there is no one who can confirm or deny this after all membership to this club is exclusive and everything that happens at their gatherings is highly confidential before we move on I’ve got a little challenge for you that I’ll take five seconds to complete so here’s the deal he does leave a like on this video smash that subscribes button hit the notification bell and you will get 25 years of amazing to try it really works 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 9 east grand shrine Japan

number nine east grand shrine Japan Japan has a lot of places that you definitely have to visit but if there’s something you can’t miss even if you try you seeing one of its 80,000 shrines this country has so many of them that you’re likely going to spot at least once during your visit however none of those shrines compares to the East grand shrine which is probably the most important one in this small yet culturally rich country the East grand the shrine has to be rebuilt every 20 years this shrine is a very intricate temple that is one of the most expensive ones ever due to its detail architecture the reason why this place has to be rebuilt often is because of the Shinto tradition of death and rebirth of all things in nature if you visit it today you’ll be seeing the latest edition which was done in 2013 but if you plan to go inside just give up the hopes of doing so you can only go in if you’re a member of the Japanese imperial family 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 8 bird island Australia

number 8 bird island Australia what is the most remote place you’ve ever visited did you ever feel like you were stuck in the middle of nowhere well I’m sure whatever place you were stuck at does not compare to the heard island in Australia even though it is a part of this huge country this the island is actually between Madagascar and Antarctica the island has two massive active volcanoes but most of it is covered in ice some of the inhabitants of this remote place include penguins seals and some birds however when it comes to humans were not allowed to go there but we can go to the nearby McDonald Islands if there is a scientific purpose to our visit it is said that the temperature at heard the island is so cold that our bodies wouldn’t be able to stand the harsh temperature besides there’s not much to see is there’s barely any life in this place 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 7 Vatican’s secret archives Vatican City

number seven Vatican’s secret archives Vatican City nothing screams conspiracy theory more than the existence of secret documents in one of the most known religious headquarters in the world especially when it comes to the Vatican City the most important place in the world of Catholicism this the place has evolved that holds a lot of documents that have existed for more than hundreds of years, people speculated these documents have relevant information about demons aliens and some people even go as far as saying that the documents have evidence that the church was part of the fascism movement in the past century, unfortunately, we regular humans will never get a chance to have a look at these papers unless we were the Pope or a renowned scholar who’s older than 75 years old I can see how all the secrecy makes people come up with all of these theories though 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 6 Surtsey island Iceland

number 6 Surtsey island Iceland and here’s another island to add to our list, this one makes me a bit sad because it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I don’t know about you but in my case when it comes to travelling I really like the idea of visiting places that have been recognized by UNESCO but things are a bit different with this volcanic island this place was turned into a lab back in the 1960s and scientists over they are doing all sorts of experiments that revolve around plants animals bacteria and fungi and how they develop in this environment after more than 50 years of being active they have been able to fill the island with more than three hundred and thirty-five different species however in order to keep the place of peace human intervention must be limited for that reason, we’re not allowed to visit unless we become scientists who get involved in this project of course 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 5 North Brother Island USA

number five North Brother Island USA we surely have a bunch of islands today don’t we but when you think about it it makes a lot of sense Islands are the perfect a place to execute sinister plans order hold secrets far away from nosy people in the case of North Brother Island, it’s dark past shows us how it was hands down a place that none of us would have liked to visit in the 19th century this island at a hospital were they quarantine patients with tuberculosis yellow fever and smallpox years later during World War Two the place turned into a facility for people struggling with heroin addiction the hospital finally closed its doors in the 60s but people were not allowed to visit instead the buildings have been taken over by Nature and today it is a nesting place for black-crowned night herons it all sounds quite dark if you ask me but I’m not really interested in visiting a place like this one10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 4 Meza gory Russia

number four Meza gory Russia I’ve heard about closed communities I mean they’re usually quite cultish but have you heard about an entire town that is closed to the public that does raise a lot of questions and makes me wonder about the nature of this kind of place and that is the case of Meza Gori a town in the Ural Mountains, this town is about a hundred and 20 miles away from Ulla the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan this town was founded towards the end of the 70s and some people speculate that inside of it there is a nuclear missile site there are not people who can confirm this but it’s said that there are misses in this place that can be activated remotely however if you ask the Kremlin they’ll say that the place is used for mining the only way to get a look at this place is via satellite images but if we ever try to set foot in here well we will find ourselves in front of two battalions that will keep us from going in 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 3 the Dome of the rock Jerusalem

number three the Dome of the rock Jerusalem when you see photos of Jerusalem you can easily spot the don’ the rock however if you ever managed to get there you will not be able to visit this place is inside an area that is considered to be one of the holiest ones in the world this being the Temple Mount this is a very important and sacred place for Jewish believers and their existence dates back to the 1st century before Christ it is also the third important place for Sunni Muslims after Mecca and Medina but you can only make it so far within the Temple Mount before you reach the Goldtop shrine of the Dome of the rock you will not be allowed to visit this place unless you’re a true follower of Islam non-muslim visitors will not be allowed in here however you can get a close look from the courtyard during non-muslim our hours just like many other sacred places in the world a visit to this the place will require you to dress up modestly even if you will not make it all the way inside and if you practice Islam then this is a place you will probably want to go if you haven’t done so yet now it’s time for the day’s best big it seems like a lot of the places on this list are way out of our reach I mean some of them are within known cities but a lot of them are in remote places that we wouldn’t be able to access even if we desperately wanted to and now the picture I chose for today shows a man standing in front of a very interesting looking on ument this place looks like a UFO that just landed in a faraway place it’s a very odd-looking building and that guy certainly looks curious about what’s inside so let’s have a look for ourselves with 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number 2 the bus Lanza

number 2 the bus Lanza monument this building is inside the city of Buzz Lanza and central Bulgaria it was built by the Bulgarian Communist Party and has commemorated events that happened back in 1891 when a socialist group had a secret meeting – later found the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party that later became the Communist one unfortunately, this place was left to abandonment after the Soviet Union fell in 1989 however the shape of this place is so unique that it has become the set for a couple of movies and even music videos you can spot it in a video clip by the band Kensington and in films like I feel good from the year 2018 there’s even a Frankenstein opera that mentioned some coordinates in which a creature was found when you look at it you realize those coordinates lead you to the exact the same spot where the buzz Lud’s a the monument is if you take a tour in Bulgaria you can ask your guy to take you to see the monument but don’t expect them to show you what’s inside the building this is prohibited as the current state of the construction does not allow for visitors to go in safely and yet still some people have managed to sneak in at their own risk and get cool photos from the inside 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

number one the coca-cola vault the USA

number one the coca-cola vault the USA we all or at least most of us all have tried coca-cola but this soda has a very the peculiar flavour and only a few selected people in the world know about its secret recipe in order to keep it safe the recipe is hidden inside the coca-cola vault in Atlanta Georgia coca-cola was invented back in 1886 which means has been out for more than a hundred years when the salt drink was acquired by a group of investors in 1919 they decided to put the recipe under lock and key at a bank in New York then in 1925 they transferred it to Atlanta today the recipe is inside a vault in the Museum in Atlanta but you can only have a look inside the vault if you are one of the chosen few I would love to be able to enter one of these places one day especially the coca-cola museum except for the ones where I could die but it seems like most of these places will be off-limits for as long as I live which of these places would you like to visit have you ever been to a place that was considered forbidden let us know in the comments section down below but all that said I’m done I’ll see you all next time everybody laters 10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

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