10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME This is Biggest World Record

10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME This is Biggest world record

10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME This is Biggest World Record sometimes the Internet is the best place to find challenges and all sorts of ideas to push ourselves beyond our limits to try new things I mean unless it’s something harmful like most of those prank challenges however there are some pretty cool ones mainly the idea of breaking a world record wouldn’t it go to one day find your name on the book of Guinness World Records it would be pretty cool in my opinion

I need some courage and determination and of course, some safety to go along with the safety some things are better left untried today we’re gonna take a look at ten Guinness World Records that can’t be broken or well you can try but I doubt many people out there would dare to give these a try you’ll be surprised 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

when you see what number one had to do in order to make it to this list and trust me it’s not a the thing you’d like to consider on a normal basis with all that said and done let’s begin shall

number 10 and heaviest weights supported by a human tongue

heaviest weights supported by a human tongue
heaviest weights supported by a human tongue 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

we numbers and heaviest weights supported by a human tongue, what’s the heaviest the food you’ve eaten that’s a question no one really asks because usually when we eat we never really think about the weight of food but things are a bit different for Thomas Blackthorne who lived at 11 kilos worth away with well his tongue that’s right he had his tongue pierced by a hook that was able to hold four weights he lived at those 11 kilos with the strength of his tongue and held them for about five seconds

what’s even more impressive is that this was done without getting hurt it took him six years to prepare for this moment and it doesn’t seem like anyone will ever be able to challenge him he broke the record in 2004 and since then the only person who’s been able to take on the challenges Thomas Blackthorne himself

he went on again and broke the record three times in a row before we move on I’ve got a little challenge for you that I’ll take five seconds to complete so here’s the deal he does leave a like on this post smash that subscribes button hit the notification bell and you look at 25 years of amazing try it really works

number 9 most one-handed push-ups

most one-handed push-ups
most one-handed push-ups 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number nine most one-handed push-ups workouts require a lot of discipline and determination in order to get as good results and if you want to break a world record that involves a workout then you’re in for a lot of sweating sore muscles and tons of pain however that didn’t stop athlete Paddy Doyle from setting a few records that are now hard to break one of the most impressive of them is most one-arm push-ups completed in five hours

he comes up with these record ideas anyway Doyle managed to get five thousand two hundred and sixty push-ups which mean that he did a little more than a thousand of them for every hour that he was there in addition to such an odd the accomplishment he also managed to become the person to set the record for the most push-ups in a year for the total of 1 million and five hundred thousand and

two hundred and thirty push-ups from October 1988 to October of 1989 the list of accomplishments goes on as he also set records another discipline such as sit-ups step-ups burpees and backpack running the man is a legend and certainly an inspiration for all those who are into health and fitness though I wouldn’t suggest trying to break these records anytime soon

number 8 most atomic blasts survived

most atomic blasts survived
most atomic blasts survived 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number eight most atomic blasts survived yes it’s quite obvious why no one will ever be able to break this record I mean it would require a tragic event to happen and we certainly don’t want that but Tsutomu Yamaguchi fairly gained a spot on this list by being the man

who survived the most atomic blasts in a lifetime on two different occasions Mr. Yamaguchi was able to escape death and live longer to tell his story in the summer of 1945 he had travelled to Hiroshima when the first atomic bombing happened

the explosion left him temporarily blind and with serious burns and ruptured eardrums but they didn’t keep him from going back to work and Nagasaki only three days later after the incident he was reporting to his supervisors when the fat man atomic bomb impact of their city this time however

Mr Yamaguchi didn’t get hurt in 2009 Yamaguchi became the only person in Japan to be recognized as a survivor of both bombings he passed away at the age of 93 in the year 2010 however, he spent his life advocating stop the use of atomic and nuclear bombing hopefully no one has to go through this ever again or at least that much

number 7 pulling an aeroplane

pulling an aeroplane
pulling an aeroplane 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number seven pulling an aeroplane what would you say to people who claim they’re able to move an aeroplane by simply using their strength you probably think

they’re crazy and that’s exactly how people felt back in 2009 when priest Kevin fast told them that he was going to pull an aeroplane he was able to do it over the length of eight-point eight meters and he even claims that he could have gone a bit further, if there hadn’t been a finish line over the years

he has been able to break a few World Records with the use of his strength he has used the money he raises from his stunts to go to charities with the aeroplane event he was able to make sixty-five thousand dollars alone imagine

all the money he is raised by pulling trucks and other heavy means of transportation when he’s not busy training his muscles he spends his time conducting weddings and baptisms in his home country of Canada

the number 6 hit by lightning

 hit by lightning
hit by lightning 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number six hit by lightning a port ranger in Virginia named ray Sullivan got recognition after being hit by lightning seven times in his life I’m not sure of going through this is considered good luck or bad luck but the important thing is that Ray survived each and every incident since the Guinness World Records were able to document all the scary moments

he went through ray got a spot on their list he says that one of the incidents happened one day while he was on a road in the mountains he had the window of his truck open and that’s where the Lightning came through after reflecting onto a tree he fell unconscious on most of the hair on his body began to burn oh

this wall his truck off to a stop right on the edge of a deadly cliff also in 1973 he was performing some of his duties when he noticed a storm cloud that was following him he tried to get away and just when he thought the cloud was gone he got out of his truck only to be struck by lightning 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

once again setting his hair on fire luckily this time he remained conscious he had gotten so used to these that he now at a can of water that he always kept in his truck and that is what helped him put out the fire on his head it almost sounds painful but maybe least he got some recognition

number 5 tallest man Alive

tallest man Alive
tallest man Alive 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number five tallest man alive there are tall people and there are incredibly tall people, however, I doubt any of them compared to Sultan Kosan the tallest man in the world at 2.5 meters tall or 8 foot 2 if you measure him in American standards he was named the tallest man in the world back in 2010 taken the data from Bao Zi Shan a Chinese man

who was only 20 centimetres shorter than Kosan apparently Sultan’s impressive height was a result of an excess of growth the hormone in his body the condition caused a tumour that had to be removed and

10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

that’s when he finally stopped growing he came to the public’s attention after someone tried to recruit him to play basketball however his physical the condition didn’t allow him to practice such a sport but it allowed for people to notice that he was taller than anyone else alive well someone ever breaks this record in the near future it doesn’t seem like it but hey only time will tell

number 4 eating airplanes

eating airplane
eating airplane 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number 4 eating aeroplanes we’ve actually featured this man in a couple of our videos about dangerous world records and we have to bring this up again the man who eats aeroplanes and a bunch of other stuff it is obvious that not many people or maybe no one at all actually is even considering doing the things that this the man did Michel Lotito earned a spot in the Book of Records by having the strangest diet

he ate a lot of things that are considered indigestible such as metal rubber and other strange materials that no one else would ever put in their mouths bicycles beds computers you name it if it sounds crazy Sprott only tried to eat it but the most admired thing he gave was an entire aircraft and it took him around 2 years to complete the task he Acaba just between the years of 1978 to 1980 and the people 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

who saw it claimed that he had no difficulty while chewing on this stuff Michael died of natural causes in 2007 10 days after he turned 57 but he spent 41 of those years working on his peculiar diet now we remember him as the man who ate a plane and I dealt we will see someone else like him in our lifetime or at least someone as successful as him in our lifetime

number 3 most lawsuits

most lawsuits
most lawsuits 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number three most lawsuits sometimes when we are frustrated at the way things are handled we feel the strong need to start a lawsuit but what does it take for someone to get things to court, it is quite a process and not every legal fight is worth it however nothing stop Jonathan Lee riches from becoming

the holder of the Guinness the world record for filing the most lawsuits he accomplished that by hitting the outstanding number of 4,000 lawsuits on numerous companies and individuals during his lifetime in fact he even filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World Records because they included

them in their book after serving time in prison he was released at the end of the year 2012 and began his unstoppable series of lawsuits for that reason he is now called Superman and some of the people he has sued include Bill Gates President Bush and even pope benedict xvi now it’s time for the day’s best pick the picture 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

I chose for today is one of someone on a bicycle going down towards a very scary hole in the water that doesn’t seem like it something I’d ever like to try but if there’s something we can learn today it’s that most of the world records that can’t be broken required someone to try something crazy that no one else would on that note 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number 2 most World Records

most World Records
most World Records 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

let’s see what we have at the top number two most World Records it only made sense to include the person who holds the record of having the most world records and it doesn’t seem like he’s someone we could easily takedown from his glory at 62 years old Christa Furman holds 200 world records but in fact, he has broken 550 records in his life it’s just the 350 of they were already taken from him but 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

we still have a long way to go if we want to take the remaining 200 from him and even if other people manage to break the records that he holds I doubt anyone would ever hold as many records as he did farouche Rita it all started in 1979 when he was a store manager in Brooklyn New York and he decided to break

the world record for the most jumping jacks he managed to do it by doing 27,000 of them after that he went on to show off his abilities and other activities such as the longest underwater cycling distance the longest distance balancing a milk bottle on his head and the fastest mile and somersaulting and fastest mile on a kangaroo ball the list goes on and on and today doesn’t seem like anyone else would do all the things he’s done a lifetime

10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME This is Biggest World Record

number one surviving death

surviving death
surviving death 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

number one surviving death you’ll probably not find this in the Guinness Book because I’m sure they wouldn’t like anyone to compete however it has been documented that the person who has survived death the most is Michael Malloy,

he was 50 years old when some of his acquaintances conspired to kill him in order to collect the life insurance first they tried to intoxicate him with ridiculous amounts of alcohol hoping Malloy would drink himself to death but he survived then

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they replace his drink for antifreeze but the substance did not kill him they then tried other forms of torture such as rat poison raw oysters spoiled sardines and other tactics that still didn’t work finally they managed to send him to the hospital after dumping him in the cold and pouring water on his chest once 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

he was at the hospital they put a rubber hose in his mouth and fix the other end to a gas outlet after one hour Malloy finally died the conspirators would have gotten away with the scheme except for the fact that the police found out what they did and sent them to the electric chair they were not as lucky as Malloy as

10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

they all died on the first but one thing is for sure no one has ever survived extreme causes of death as many times it’s not only do I don’t think many of us would like to try breaking any of these records but

I could be wrong on that one are there any records on this list that you think you might break one day let us know in the comment section down below with all that said and done that’s our video for the day folks and I will see you all next time later everybody 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

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10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME This is Biggest World Record 10 INSANE World Records OF ALL TIME

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