10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things Seaworld Doesn't Want You To Know

10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know who doesn’t love theme parks even if you’re not there for the rollercoasters or other intense attractions you can still walk around grab some delicious food for a bit of a higher price and enjoy a good time with your family and friends but there is one chain of being part to this created a lot of controversy due to the way they handle things I’m of course talking about SeaWorld and how people began to question the way they handle animals today we’re gonna be looking at 10 things you may not know about SeaWorld

I’m sure by now you already have some idea of the things that made this park so controversial but there are some other things you might not know I must warn you though this video provides revealing information that might trigger sadness or anger so watch it your own risk I do hope that by the end of it you decide to do something about animals that need help especially after you here was at the top of this list with all that said and done 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 10 failure to provide proper animal care

let’s begin shall we number 10 failure to provide proper animal care there are three major SeaWorld Parks one in Orlando one in San Diego and one in San Antonio as a us-based company that deals with animals they have to comply with a lot of regulations set by the US Department of Agriculture but back in 2012 the USDA issued a warning to SeaWorld San Antonio because the park didn’t have proper drain covers to minimize the risk of animal entrapment this irresponsible act led to the death of a sea lion later in 2013 the USDA had to conduct further investigations after

one child got bitten by a dolphin when the authorities came they noticed the part was using surgical material that was already expired also the dolphin tank and the orca’s space were in terrible shape in them were rusty beams and cracked concrete that could not only hurt the animals but also the workers the crumbling concrete could potentially fall in the pools and be ingested by the animals which would, of course, be very bad for their health, sure enough, the animal’s performances look great in the eyes of the visitors but many of them don’t know all the bad things that happened with no one round 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 9 the use of black zinc oxide

number nine the use of black zinc oxide you have to keep in mind that orchids in the wild spend a lot of time away from the Sun but at Seaworld, they barely get any time in the shade instead they spend endless hours on the surface constantly being exposed to the light of the Sun this is a drastic change considering that their natural habitat is the deep ocean and they only spend 5% of their days near the surface the deepest tank at SeaWorld is only 40 feet deep which is not enough for them to cool off after a hot day under the Sun this has caused the orcas to develop painful sunburns which the park doesn’t want you to see for that reason the park staff uses black zinc oxide which perfectly matches with the orca’s skin the good thing is that black zinc oxide can act as a sunblock but the bad thing is that most of the time they use this after the animals have already been affected by the Sun so there’s not much help that can be done 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

Number 8 some of the orcas

number eight some of the orcas were kidnapped have you ever wondered how the animals end up in zoos or in places like SeaWorld supposedly these places exist to provide shelter to animals that were in danger while in the wild but that is not always the case with the orcas at SeaWorld it was reported that at least part of them was kidnapped from their homes in the ocean one of these orcas silicone was only 2 when it was captured by what they call a marine cowboy Tilikum was not injured or in any sort of immediate danger he was part of a bigger family and he was taken away to a confined and small tank all so they could just make money out of it it seems like SeaWorld has done some questionable things just to get a hold of whales and while the kidnapping of whales is very saddening it doesn’t come close to the next thing on this list 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 7 some orcas got killed back in 1965

number 7 some orcas got killed back in 1965 a lot of people were amused when they witnessed the first Orca show at SeaWorld it was performed by the famous whale Shamu in San Diego California but what many people don’t know is the story of Shamu and how she got captured and once you learn the story you might not want to support any whale shows that are again when Shamu was captured a Marine cowboy named Ted Griffin shot Shenmue’s mom with a harpoon and killed her right in front of the little whale’s eyes later on dong Goldsberry who was Griffin’s partner started to work for SeaWorld and they asked him to bring more orcas into the park this led him to continue the kidnapping and slaughtering of innocent orcas it was also revealed that he went to extreme measures such as hiring divers to slit open the bellies of four orcas and fill them with rocks so they could sink to the bottom of the ocean without anyone finding out about their deaths 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 6 forced breeding

number six forced breeding just like any other animal orcas use their life partner or partners to breed and create families however it seems like the rules of nature don’t matter at SeaWorld apparently the park forces the whales to breed on a regular basis in order to do that they have trained the male whales to float on their back so the trainers can stimulate the whale’s private parts and collect the sperm on the other hand females are artificially inseminated and get to start breeding whenever the park authorities think it’s fine which is at a much younger age and they would normally do if they were in the wild the most famous of them all is the whale named Katina who was brought all the way from Iceland to SeaWorld Orlando she’s some sort of breeding machine and she’s known as the most successful whale to be able to breed well in captivity 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 5 captivity shortens the lifespan of orcas

number five captivity shortens the lifespan of orcas are known to live for a very long time actually their average life expectancy in the wild is between 30 to 50 years but in fact, males sometimes can live up to 60 or 70 years and females can live up to 80 and sometimes even longer than 100 but sadly that is not the case for whales in captivity it’s been proven that the median life expectancy inside those tanks is own nine years depending on your definition of lucky and males can live up to 17 years and females up to 29 that’s almost nothing compared to all those whales who live freely in the wild but whale captivity doesn’t only happen at SeaWorld there are other parks and centres around the world that have whales and when you put them all together half of the whales in these places died by the time they’re six years old 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 4 unsafe for trainers

number four unsafe for trainers I’m sure you knew about this prior to watching this video zero does not a safe place for trainers there are tons of videos online and even award-winning documentaries that narrate the awful stories about trainers have been hurt by whales and other animals while working at SeaWorld the most famous of these stories is the one of Dawn Brancheau who was a senior trainer at SeaWorld Orlando when she got killed by an orca in 2010 the event was shocking not only because it happened in front of a lot of visitors but because it happened to someone

who had spent a ton of time with the whales and who obviously trusted them in the blink of an eye the whale named Tilikum which I already told you about polled brunch now by the arm and drowned her a lot of the staff started throwing food in the pool and doing all sorts of things to distract the whale but Tilikum was too fast and had already ended the life of his trainer this awful event fuel people to speak up against the park and it served to remind us that perhaps this is not the best space for whales and that they’re better off in the wild without any trainers 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number 3 performers, not biologists

number three performers, not biologists when you look at what happened to people like Don and the other 100 people who have gotten injured by animals at these parks you begin to wonder about their background after all they were genuine biologists things would have been a bit different unfortunately and most the trainers at the park don’t have any proper training in marine biology surely they’re friendly and they get along with the animals and they know how to cheer up the crowds but they don’t really know much about animal behaviour their main purpose is to entertain if you pay close attention to what they say you’ll realize they’re just saying the right things to keep everyone

happy or facts that a lot of people already know but they don’t talk much about how orcas are very social animals or about their intelligence or their actual life span they actually knew these things and the park wouldn’t have any whales or at least on the conditions that they already don’t wind the performers though most of them were there just because they love these animals now it’s time for the day’s best ping I’m sorry if I’m ruining SeaWorld for you but you also had blackfish and several other documentaries to do that for you I just can’t stand animal suffering and I know a lot of you will find these facts interesting and the thing with animals suffering is that sometimes we don’t see it right away it takes some deep research to find out about all these things but the picture I chose for today shows one of the orcas at SeaWorld with a very peculiar trait it has a collapsed dorsal fin and according to experts this is not normal 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

Number two collapsed dorsal fins are not normal

number two collapsed dorsal fins are not normal there are a lot of orcas at SeaWorld that have collapsed dorsal fins, in fact, it’s been revealed that all male orcas have this kind of thing and this is actually an indicator of an unhealthy Orca but if you ask people at SeaWorld they’ll tell you that this is normal and that it happens all the time in the wild however research has shown that only one to five per cent of wild orcas developed this collapsed dorsal fin, in fact, there are full populations of orcas in the wild that don’t have this problem at all obvious captivity play an important role in this even if they tell us otherwise before we move on I’ve got a little challenge for you that I’ll take five seconds to complete so here’s the deal we do leave a like on this video smash that subscribes button hit the notification bell and you will get 25 years of amazing like try it really works 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

number one animals suffer in cramped facilities

number one animals suffer in cramped facilities crammed spaces produce a lot of stress for anyone let’s be honest we all need our personal space we could easily lose our mind if we don’t feel free and this principle doesn’t only apply to humans it also applies to animals but sadly it seems like some people didn’t have this in mind when they built the facilities for the animals at SeaWorld it had been reported that the whales and dolphins at Sea worlds are kept in tanks that to them must feel like a bathtub this is quite uncomfortable and shocking if you consider the fact that these animals can swim hundreds of miles per day when they’re in the wild at the part they have no tights no waves just a boring pool that can barely fit them it’s really no wonder some workers got violent against some of their trainers after all stress gets the worst of us so there’s no way 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

we can’t blame the whales for the awful accidents that went on thanks to the efforts of many organizations and individuals Sea Wilda started to take some action toward making this right, first of all, they’re not gonna be bringing more orcas into their parks also as of December of 2019 as they no longer do their famous one ocean Orca show in Orlando and San Antonio it doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s definitely the start of redemption for a park that’s been surrounded by so much controversy how do you feel about all of this any ideas on how we can help the orcas and other animals at zero there’s no in the comments section down below with all that said and done I will see you all next time later everybody 10 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You To Know

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