10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride


10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ridewidely considered to be one of these safest and most reliable forms of transport railways have the ability to travel over multiple often challenging types of terrain from Mexico to India today we’re going to be looking at ten of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world though stay tuned for number one though the dangers of this one face this is actually kind of surprising with all that said and done 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number 10 White Pass and Yukon route

let’s begin shall we number 10 White Pass and Yukon route for decades prior to the great gold rush of the late 1800s both Europeans and the natives were aware of the presence of gold around the Yukon River and several other areas however the fact of the matter was that gold was not a highly valued mineral instead traders have been more focused on fur trading as attitudes toward precious metals started to change the 1880s brought with it the great gold the rush that

we know of today and as an estimated one hundred thousand people flooded into the Klondike Gold Fields became necessary to transport the money-hungry miners to increasingly dangerous and unforgiving areas to accomplish these railroad lines were created most notably the Lite Pass and Yukon route the route still stands today is something of a historical site but when it was built over 120 years ago it was nothing short of an engineering marvel one look at the geography that it covers and you will understand why this incredible journey is an absolutely hair-raising experience

number 9 awesome Minami route Japan

number nine awesome Minami route Japan as one of the most dangerous rail routes in Japan they also Minami route has earned itself quite a reputation with numerous jaw-dropping bridges that suspend locomotives hundreds of feet off the ground on precariously narrow rails on the line, these links touch no station in minimi Oso and a taco Maurice station in taco Mulready however if the fear of derailment on a narrow bridge doesn’t scare you off this might also Minami has widely considered one of Japan’s most dangerous railroads due to its close proximity to mount a so one of the world’s largest active volcanoes Mount Oso is located in a so kudos national park and if it erupts again it will spell surefire disaster for the railway as well as anybody on it 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number 8 train to the clouds Argentina

number eight train to the clouds Argentina in 1889 people in the Salta province of Argentina needed a way to get around and to move goods over long distances the answer in many other parts of the world at the time had been rails but the Salta province had some unique challenges the route of the railway would take cover space between Argentina and Chile unfortunately though when this space happens to also be the Andes mountain range the second tallest on earth this meant that building a railway would be a significant undertaking but in 1916 after almost 28 years spent analyzing the feasibility of building a railroad through

the region, work began on what would one day be called the train to the clouds the route was designed by American engineer Richard Mari and was officially opened in 1948 the route covered 217 kilometres and included 20 stops what is most astounding is that the route climbs nearly fourteen thousand feet or four thousand 220 meters it also features 29 bridges twenty-one tunnels 13 viaducts two spirals and two zigzags despite its phenomenal construction the so-called train of the clouds has had a history of troubles some notable incidents include a 2014 derailment that occurred at a height of 4000 meters and required 4,000 passengers to be evacuated another incident took place in 2005 when a train stalled at a height of 3,500 meters and because of where this the incident occurred passengers had to be rescued via helicopter things have gotten so bad that rather than funding improvements the government has begun providing buses to cover portions of the route 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

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number 7 Death Railway Thailand

number 7 Death Railway Thailand originally called the Burma railway many people call it the death railway this 415 kilometre away connects band pong Thailand a tooth and B use a yacht Burma the railway was originally constructed out of necessity during World War two when Japanese forces in Burma needed a supply link to Thailand construction, however, was a brutal affair upwards of 250,000 Southeast Asian slaves and 61 thousand Allied POWs were forced to build it working long hours with little in the way of basic necessities and the cost of human life was immense with an estimated one hundred and two thousand Labour’s perishing treatment of the workers was so horrendous that following the war 111 Japanese military officials were tried for war crimes and 32 were sentenced to death of all the sections of railway maybe none is more famous than the legendary bridge on the river kwai budge possibly

the most challenging stretch is the one is known as hellfire pass and the Tennessee rim hills for 12 weeks labourers struggled in the region lacking proper tools and being badly abused meant that they would perish in the process until the 69 men were beaten to death by Japanese guards and countless more died from cholera many others also perished with dysentery starvation and exhaustion in more recent times large portions of the Railey have become submerged in the vajra Longhorn dam father is consistently talks of reopening sessions of the line these plans have yet to come to fruition and today and the death railway is simply a ghost with a very dark past 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

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number 6 Kuranda scenic railway Australia

number six Kuranda scenic railway Australia the Kuranda scenic railway connects to the Australian coastal city of Cairns to the town of Korando the distance between the two is about three hours during the journey passengers are treated to breathtaking views as they travel at spine-tingling heights up to one thousand and seventy-seven feet or 328 metres but the ride is more than just a high-flying rail adventure the peak of the ride which occurs to the summit of my Ola also features 15 tunnels 93 curves and numerous difficult ridges many of which are suspended above rock water or directly beside waterfalls the good news here is that if you don’t like spending three hours fearing for your life the same journey can actually be made in about 30 minutes by car and again what fun is that 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number 5 Mexico’s crime-ridden rails

number five Mexico’s crime-ridden rails Train Robbery is something that might make many of us think about the old less but in fact every day in Mexico approximately four to five organize large-scale train robberies take place and even more, eighteen-wheelers are also hijacked robbing a modern train is no small task and doing so often involves a team of ten to fifteen heavily armed gunmen and injuries and even fatalities are very common Mexico is a major exporter of consumer goods and the targets for these robberies are incredibly diverse including electric appliances food clothing shoes car parts medicines and even cars unfortunately once products are stolen they disappear quickly into a vast network of underground markets meaning that once they’ve been stolen the goods are nearly impossible to track and the groups responsible operate with very few repercussions 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

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number 4 Georgetown loop railroad Colorado

number four Georgetown loop railroad Colorado specifically designed as part of a tourist attraction the Georgetown loop serves to transport visitors to a lookout on the mountain McClelland for several decades the Georgetown loop operated without major incident until in 2004 it was then that contract negotiations between the Colorado Historical Society and the Georgetown loop railway income all began to break down and the result was a new the partnership between the Historical Society and rail star rank unfortunately when operations change hands George said most of the original equipment with them because they were in fact the rightful owners

this meant that real Starr was responsible for buying all new equipment and trying to recreate what glr had done successfully for over 30 years after this point the Georgetown loop was plagued with issues mostly relating to the safety of their operations problems range from inconveniences such as a lack of locomotives and frequent breakdowns to major safety problems like derailments safety was such a concern that a 2006 incident triggered an investigation by the federal railway administration the Georgetown Lube earned such a reputation for the danger that the annual number of riders dropped by nearly 80,000 people this is before the historic society eventually terminated them and awarded the contract to a company called historic rail Adventures who have so far proven to be a better fit but it will likely take a little while for the Georgetown loop to share its dark pass with around our

10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number 3 India’s deadly railway

number three India’s deadly railway with our number three entry, we’ll begin to look at railways that are still costing lives to this very day India’s deadly railway system isn’t just a transportation option it’s often referred to as the lifeline of a nation the baffling network runs over 12,000 trains a day that transports more than 23 million passengers daily with 8,000 different stations and 63 thousand kilometres of rail it is also one of the world’s oldest train networks infantil is mostly constructed between 1949 and 1950 by the colonial British government the sad sentence construction the country has seen decades of financial challenges mean that despite being the lifeline of a nation India’s railway

the system is perilously underfunded this means that repairs and maintenance are rare occurrences and are usually completed when the route simply becomes impassable this lack of up key means that real disasters are frequent with as many as 530 a year additionally the large number of people living near a railway is so numerous that nearly 28,000 people die every year this is due to the incidents involving trains but nearly 18,000 of them, however, perished not in derailments but rather from getting struck by trains either at crossings or by walking along the tracks another danger presented by the railroad is that often times people desperate to reach another part of the country frequently stow away on roofs and amongst cargo and many fall or become trapped or crushed with annual fatalities that are equivalent to a small city India’s railway system comes in at number 3 now it’s time for the day’s best big my paper today maybe one of the most terrifying railways,10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number 2 Chennai Rameswaram route India

we’ve actually seen number two Chennai Rameswaram route India the Chennai Rameswaram route is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and while the a route is a number of obstacles by far the most striking portion of it is the Manthan bridge this stunning single rail the bridge is nearly 7,000 feet long and for nearly the entire expanse passengers are suspended over the lake dive see the legacy of this phenomenal bridge hasn’t been without its blemishes being a sea bridge means that it is subject to a uniquely challenging set of circumstances in fact,

it is said to be the second most the corrosive environment on earth however there are also more immediate and fast-moving threats of the bridge phases on December 23rd 1964 just two days before Christmas a 25-foot storm surge struck overturning the pump and uh new Skoda passenger train and killed all 150 passengers aboard since the catastrophe, there have been few comparable incidents but the unique location of the pompon bridge means that it will be forevermore at the mercy of Mother Nature 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride

number one devil’s nose

number one devil’s nose Ecuador the devil’s nose is a segment of a trans-Andean railway and it gets its name because it may be well one of the most treacherous stretches of rarely ever built over the course of just 12 kilometres the elevation drops over 100 meters in order to make the descent safely the train follows a zigzag pattern carved into the side of the wrong face this allows for a safer descent but it also requires a very skilled engineer to navigate what was your favourite entry on the day’s list which ones would you never want to ride on let us know in the comments down below all right everybody that’s our video for today I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you all next time later everybody 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Rid

e10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride 10 Trains You Would Never Want to Ride10

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