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Do you want a car with an affordable, safe and luxurious features for yourself? If your answer is yes then check out out this video. Hello friends, welcome to our website In this post, we will tell you, India’s Top 10 Affordable and Effective Cars, which is at the top of the market demand and customer satisfaction. If you do not know anything about Cars, then also this video will help you with your smart choice.”Wear seat-belts during car journey” Remember, By the way, Cars can be used for many things, but in this video, we basis this video on cars having good affordability, highest performance and Satisfaction

10 Maruti Alto 800

10. Maruti Alto 800 For 15 years all the people know Alto running on the Indian roads. In less money, the pleasure of a good car can only give the Alto Maruti Suzuki’s price of this car starts at 2.5 lakh and is increased according to the model. This low budget car comes in both AC and non-AC models. If you talk about mileage, Alto is one of India’s most affordable cars. It is an average 24 litres and in CNG it gives average 33 kilograms per kilo average.

9 Renault KWID

9. Renault KWID In the car market, the Renault Company is Famous for its SUV but its first and only Affordable Car is KWID This car is not less than any luxury in its price range because every kind of convenience has been taken care of in KWID which starts from 2.6 lakh Keeping in mind the safety, it also has a special seat belt and a rear parking mirror The car is strong in texture and its design is also very good according to the price With this car, many accessories are also given along with tires and in the internal facilities. This car is new in the market segment and therefore, all offers are given on this.

8. Hyundai Elite

8. Hyundai Elite I 20 If you prefer a sporty look car, you can buy Hyundai’s I 20 because fully loaded with high tech features this car is a great option for the middle-class segment. In this car, many accessories are provided such as a comfortable armrest, bottle and sun-glass holder Safety is also taken care of Steering wheel Remote controls and mobile connectivity makes this car is made user friendly. The car is the smartest decade for a middle-class small family. The price of this car starts at 5.5 lakh.

7. Swift

7. Swift For a long time, Maruti Swift, which retains its dominance in the market, still remains in the top choice of buyers. Launched in 2005, this model of Maruti has made many changes so far The new Swift has many features like automatic gear smart key, automatic climate control If you want, you can also use push-start without key This car is not only a technology-driven but also affordable in mileage. According to the company, it gives an average of 22 kilometres per litre. Maruti Suzuki has sold around 10 lakh models of this car worldwide and its price starts at 5.4 lakh.

6. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

6. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Baleno with a showroom price of 5.5 lakh is a great option. Its pickup and output are the best in this segment. It is a good choice not only for buying but its average is also 28 kilometres per litre. The interior of this car and the look of the dashboard is really awesome. This 5-seater vehicle is suitable for both manual and automatic gear segments The 1200 cc engine gives it a high speed This is the only car to offer driver airbag in basic models of this car. Its EMI only starts at 9000 rupees and is fully loaded air condition and automatic.

5. Dezire

5. Dezire If Dezire is called India’s favourite sedan, it will not be wrong More than 1 lakh cars of design have been sold and these numbers are increasing Since this car was launched, so many changes have been made in today, in which is the automatic gear transmission, now along with the manual system there is also automatic system The average length of this car is 22 kilometre per litre, which is the highest in any compact sedan range Keeping Safety in mind, 2 airbags have been given in it. The price of desire models starts from 5.6 lakh and goes up to 9.5 lakh rupees, which is because it has many variants in it. Desire is an Affordable Luxury car.

4. VITARA Brezza

4. VITARA Brezza When Brezza was launched in March 2016, its 6 months pre-booking was already going on. You can only guess about the popularity of this car among the customers The car, which ranges from 7.6 million to 10.5 lakh, is a best-buy in every way because its 1200 cc engine gives it good power and pickup and its efficacy fuel conception makes it low maintenance According to the company, this car gives an average 24 kilometres per litre.It has a manual and automatic gear system and is only applicable to the diseal models. Because this car is worth a big price range, the customer can choose from variants according to his Comfort and Budget.

3. Honda Amaze

3. Honda Amaze Honda’s Amaze Compact Sedan category is a car that makes it’s affordable. This car is a great option with full automatic gear transmissions and great looks Combination of Honda’s Powerful Engine and Diesel model does not have anyone in this segment. This car gives average about 20 in petrol and 18 in manual Keeping the safety in mind, the rearview camera, 2 airbags and standard body structure have been kept in it There are 4 variants in the Amaze, which have specifications and features too. Its price starts from 5.6 lakh which increases with different variants.

2. Hyundai Creta

2. Hyundai Creta The company is ready to capture the target compact SUV market after launching Creta Creta is a complimentary SUV in affordable prices, which is a luxury offer for carrying a small and big family Coming in 7 colours, the price of Creta is between 9.5 lakh and 1.5 million. Its mileage comes between 14 to 22 kilometres per litre, which is good according to an SUV There are many variants in this and therefore there is a difference in price as per luxury And it has the speciality that these two come in transmissions. It is a fully automatic and gives luxury drive.

1. Mahindra Scorpio

1. Mahindra Scorpio All records of the SUV segment have no need for any introduction to Scorpio, which has its name. Mahindra’s star performer car Scorpio Sales and Performance is at the forefront of both. Its pickup and performance are very good due to the 2500 cc Powerful Angle. It only comes in manual transmission and with many variants, customers have lots of choice in this car It is an Affordable Luxury SUV in the range from 9.5 to 15.5 lakh Its EMIs start at Rs.19000 and is the best in all segments in safety and other specializations, By the way, it has made computations from XUV and other cars in the market, but still, this market is the most sophisticated and most sold and loved SUV of the lion. So which of these cars would you like to take? Do not forget to tell us your comments and forget to check new train travel videos, which we have targeted for 5000 likes. Let us wind up for today. See you later. till then do not forget to like share

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