The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges! most of us cross bridges every day but we rarely think will lies under it today we’re gonna be taking a look at the creepiest discoveries people found under bridges number one features possibly the strangest creature that you’ve ever seen so make sure you stay tuned for that with all that said and done The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

The Freemont Troll

let’s begin shall we the Freemont troll one before they inhabited the internet trolls are mythological beings are originated from Norse and Scandinavian mythology in Old Norse sources they dwell in isolated rocks mountains or even caves and live together in small family units when they started hanging out under bridges battle now what I do know is that they are mischievous beings that are considered harmful to humans just like their internet counterparts if you’d like to find one just make a trip to the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle where one particularly huge troll is

I say you live but rather built there commissioned by the local government who were trying to prevent drug addicts and junkies from using the underneath of the bridge as their personal party pad in 1990 the Fremont Arts Council launched an art competition whose partial goal was to rehabilitate the area under the bridge and the eventual winner was a sculpture called

the troll which was sculpted by four local artists those artists are Steve Batanes will Martin Donna Walter and Ross Whitehead this massive sculpture is 18 feet high and weighs more than 13,000 pounds and has also made of steel rebar wire and concrete not really that shocking especially to those who are aware of its existence but to someone who isn’t aware and just decided to take a stroll under the George Washington Memorial Bridge out of the blue one evening seeing this monstrosity would definitely be enough to make that person’s heart skip a beat or two The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

A 121-Year-Old Capsule

a one hundred and twenty-one-year-old time capsule construction workers from Morgenson del construction company we’re just doing their thing replacing the roof in road bridge in the United Kingdom and having a grand old time of it when they discovered something 50% on 50 per cent creepy and maybe a hundred per cent historical depending on who you ask very deep inside a part of the bridge was an extremely old time capsule that is if you can call it a time capsule it might have just been a couple of bits a tad put in a box by someone and then burying it under

the bridge is a bit of a joke you see time capsules usually contain a lot of items often bearing some sort of historical significance but this box contained none of the sorts only an empty whisky bottle and a folded up newspaper that dated the entire thing is going back to 1894 what is undoubtedly extraordinary though is the fact that the box was put there during a time when only horses and carriages were the only ones using the bridge that also tells us how old the bridge is thus the repairs somebody obviously thought that the fine told some significance so it was donated to the Highland Folk Museum The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

The Ghosts Of Sensabaugh Tunnel

the ghosts of Sensabaugh tunnel from things that were definitely found under bridges we now go to some things that are probably there may be well if you ask any believer in the paranormal they’re definitely there making this place probably one of the most haunted places in u.s. this place is called a sensible tunnel which is located in the backroads of Kingsport Tennessee it is named after a man whose life events are said to be the cause of the haunting as the story goes which I have to clarify is unconfirmed a man named edy Sensabaugh went crazy one night and decided to brutally murder his family and then himself inside the tunnel another story tells of a homeless man who allegedly drowned a baby in a nearby pool which is now named crybaby Poole and there is yet another story of a woman whose car broke down inside the tunnel and was murdered by an unknown person when she exited the car to find help whatever the origin of the supernatural

activity is there are many people who attest to the strange happenings in the tunnel rumours of the tunnels haunting started in the 1960s but continued up to today the tales of its haunting like any haunted place vary depending on who’s telling them legend has that if you turn off your car’s ignition while inside the tunnel a series of ghostly happenings will occur people have reported hearing a baby crying seeing a man in the rearview mirror seeing a figure sitting in the back seat and finding a child’s handprints on their car after leaving the tunnel today Sensabaugh tunnel is a commonplace for young thrill-seekers to drive through halting their engine to find out if any of the legends are true The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

A Nuclear Fallout Shelter

a nuclear fallout shelter in 2006 a group of inspectors from the New York City Department of Transportation we’re on their usual rounds of bridge-and-tunnel inspections the rounds were usual except for one discovery that is both strange and kind of creepy somewhere deep in the Manhattan Anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge they stumbled into what seemed to be a cold war-era bunker or fallout shelter it was a hidden room filled with blankets water a shock prevention drug called dextran and 350,000 crackers

based on the date stamped on the various supplies which were 1957 and 1962 this hidden room under the bridge seemed to be from the Cold War era the inventory of the bunkers cache followed a typical shopping list for emergency preparedness during the arms race of the 1950s and 60s barrels of potable water first-aid supplies and blankets boxes of high-calorie survival crackers and a healthy supply of the drug dextran which is used to prevent entry shock as stated before the supplies were marked as coming from the Office of Civil Defense the Cold War precursor to what eventually became FEMA says the DoD had no idea

the stash was there or why it would be their explanations are really only guesses and as with all the rooms and tunnels inside the Anchorage’s of the bridge the public isn’t allowed inside so the question of where exactly in the Manhattan side Anchorage they found the room the DoD is keeping that under wraps for security reasons The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

Native American Remains

Native American remains you know how most archaeological artefacts are found usually they are found accidentally when someone digs up a foundation for a building or some other type of structure before it is built then what usually happens is that construction is put on hold until a team of archaeologists scour the construction site for other artefacts this is all before construction can resume in this case it’s the other way around Texas Department of Transportation engineers

were doing routine maintenance on an undisclosed bridge when they saw a bone sticking out of the ground they immediately thought human bones possibly related to a long cold case so they called the police as it turns out the bones were actually what remains of an ancient Native American burial Texas State University’s anthropology Center in San Marcos quickly took over the dig the department’s director Danielle Westcott says the Frio County remains to appear to be that of a man who was buried at the location after his death he said he was found resting on his back partially on his left side

and knees up a common burial position at the time an arrowhead was found next to the skeleton as well they are estimating the bones to be around a thousand years old possibly fearing a litany of curses related to disturbing Native American burial grounds officials quickly got in contact with Native American tribes with possible connections of the area they will wait for the tribes go-ahead before assuming the body completely The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

A 101-Year-Old Hobo Graffiti

a one hundred and one-year-old hobo graffiti under a century-old bridge near the Los Angeles River Phillips discovered what appeared to be grease pencil markings a practically extinct type of American hieroglyphics called Kobo graffiti hobo graffiti was a code that led travellers to tell each other where they were headed and what conditions were like at this location the pieces that Phillips found includes stylized arrows little hard things that pointed the direction of person was headed she found messages from men with names like Oakland red and Tucson Kidd and dated back to August 13th 1914 and July 1st 1921 they were discovered by author and anthropologist Susan Phillips who was doing research on her book which was funnily enough not related to hobos in any way shape or form

she found them scribbled on the bridge crossing the Los Angeles River the most notable graffiti is a sign a one a number one or Leon ray Livingston was one of the most famous hobos of his time he wrote twelve books on hobo life for instance maybe he loved his mark here or maybe someone else was just using his travelling name which did happen from time to time hobo graffiti actioned a stoner drawn with grease pencil has mostly disappeared by now the graffiti here was preserved after the Los Angeles River was lowered 25 feet making the bridge more inaccessible both to people and the elements now it’s time for the day’s best pick today’s pick is something you definitely want to find under a bridge especially if you live near that bridge The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

A Crocodile

a crocodile in this clip you’ll see a group of people crowding on a bridge clearly interested in something happening below could it be someone is drowning and they are attempting a daring rescue well I can tell you now no it’s not as dramatic as that but they have found a real live troll finally confirming the existence of these mythical creatures again no the creature under this bridge is quite real and when it bites you the pain will be quite real as well what’s actually happening is that a few men are trying to catch a crocodile that was hanging out under the bridge the video is anything to go by

I’d say the croc is quite large obviously these guys don’t want a croc as large as this hanging out near their homes and bite someone so I understand the urgency of them wanting it to be out of there one thing though you’d think they could have used thicker rope honestly that rope looks like someone got up a thin blanket in the strips and tied it together also Jamaica has quite a lot of Crocs so I bet there would be some sort of animal control agency that should be able to do this job safely and infinitely more quickly so I didn’t make all the many ways I’m not sure whether these guys succeeded or the croc just swam away, in any case, don’t try wrangling the croc by yourself The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

The East River Monster

the East River monster if this dead bloated carcass of an unknown creature looks familiar to you he might have already seen photos of the Montauk Monster which was incidentally also a dead voted carcass of an unknown creature the only difference between the two was that they were found in different locations the one that you’re looking at was found under the Brooklyn Bridge Denyce Ginley was the one who found the strange creature lying on a strip of sand beside the East River as its name

The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

it seems that the creature was washed onshore by the tide the picture snapped by Ginley shows something that looks very much like an unusual animal with a hairless body and beak and claws it really looked like the Montauk Monster which was also found washed up somewhere in New York making people think that there are more of these strange creatures out there nor it could just be a drowned dog that became so bloated all the hairs fell off which is what I think it’s honestly a more plausible explanation,

unfortunately, a further investigation of the animal will be impossible as city sanitation employees quickly dispose of the body have you seen anything strange under a bridge let us know in the comment section down below what a lot more post about strange things click on any of the videos you see on your screen as always thanks for reading

The Creepiest Discoveries People Found Under Bridges!

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