The Top 5 Most Powerful Politicians In The World


To be an effective politician you gotta have a certain level of toughness and Ability to make wise judgement calls sometimes with little to no time from thought to action This of course is really magnified when you take it to the scale of leading a nation There’s a lot of power that comes with being a world leader and in this episode of Top 5 facts I’m looking at the top five most powerful politicians in the world. Hey everyone. How’s it going? My name is Farook khan and thanks for tuning in to another episode of Top 5 facts And we’re looking at some politicians here If you’re watching this and you enjoy politics hit that like button And if you’re new comer here to have to be facts and that so a question I’m gonna throw up for you today before I get into this episode is who was or is your favorite politician? And why sound off in the comments section down below?

Number 5 Angela Merkel

Okay. So in this list, I’m counting down from 5 to 1. So let’s go at number 5 we have Angela Merkel Angela Merkel is a Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and also the leader of her own party the Christian Democratic Union or the CDU with more than 10 years and three terms in office under her belt. Angela Merkel is one strong an Indispensable leader in Europe. She has faced a ton of challenges throughout her tenure and she has come out on top She’s helped hold the eurozone together during the financial collapse and the girl Bo recession She has stood up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and she also manages Europe’s refugee crisis and her command Germany stands above the rest of Europe with a strong economy and low unemployment rates and though she’s not really Universally liked Angela Merkel. She’s proved a stabilizing force amid a lot of turmoil I mean many people call Angela Merkel murca Valley after the famous political writer Nicolo Machiavelli Due to her strategic decision-making and for having fundamentally transformed power relations in Europe and the European Union

Number 4 King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-saud

Next up at number four. We have King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-saud and he’s the current king of Saudi Arabia He took the throne after the passing of his half-brother He of the 12 surviving sons of the country’s founding monarch will portably support a coup to oust King Salman and replace him with his younger brother Prince ahmud bin Abdul-aziz King Salman holds a lot of power and influence over the Middle East and his country’s massive oil reserves Even with oil at historically low prices Saudi Arabia the world’s largest oil exporter Continues to ramp up production to lower prices and to protect its global market share despite the negative effect It has on the global oil economy at

Number 3 Narendra Modi

the number three position We have the current prime minister of India, Narendra Modi Narendra Modi’s introducing initiatives to improve the lives of the 1.2 billion people who make up the world’s largest Democracy India some time ago he had announced plans to reform and modernize a government and business sectors by implementing a uniform sales tax and boosting foreign direct investment to India Narendra Modi is the third most followed political leader on Twitter following Barack Obama and Donald Trump And he’s also pushing India to integrate with the digital world He believes tech innovations holds a key to lifting India out of poverty in certain areas back in 2015 He had traveled to Silicon Valley in the United States seeking advice and a help from tech executives at companies like Google and Facebook And since she’s been doing that We’ve really seen the effects because there’s been a massive increase of users right here on YouTube from India So whatever he’s doing it’s working moving on at

Number 2 US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Donald Trump

number 2 is US President Donald Trump Now the President of the United States is usually considered to be the most powerful person in the free world Even if the person doesn’t really have that much experience in politics at all I don’t really need to go into all of that in this episode by now but you can just follow the news headlines about Donald Trump in the headlines speak for themselves and Donald Trump became the first Billionaire president in the United States Donald Trump got his start working for his father Fred who developed low-cost housing in Brooklyn and Queens The core of his fortune is tied up in buildings in and around midtown Manhattan where luxury real estate values fallen recently now many people including Americans refer to Donald Trump as Unpredictable and no doubt. He holds a lot of power. He’s very influential But now even Americans are questioning whether or not he’s fit for the job as president

Number One Vladimir Putin

and finally We reached a number-one spot the most powerful politician in the world is Vladimir Putin in 2015 their approval ratings for Vladimir Putin Russia’s president and former prime minister reached an all-time high of 89 point nine percent After seizing Crimea in the wake of the Ukrainian revolution Putin was determined to resurrect Russia as a superpower and an annual UN meeting in September of 2015 Putin had criticised Barack Obama asserting that the u.s. Is Interventions have backfired in the Middle East and shortly after that Vladimir Putin He launched the Russian air campaign to target Islamic forces in Syria and weakened rebellion against the country’s president these airstrike costed Russia two point five million dollars a day and it quickly Escalated a lot of tensions with Western powers They were like what is going on over there? But despite all of that that happened it still doesn’t stop Vladimir Putin from being the most powerful Politician in the world today, so that’s it for this episode of FTD facts Now there are some other politicians that I wanted to include on this list So some of the honorable mentions were imran khan who is a 22nd prime minister of pakistan Then there is a Jinping the serving president of China And of course the leader of North Korea Kim jong-un and all of these men wield a considerable amount of power and influence They just didn’t make it onto this list I’d love to hear all of your thoughts and comments about anything that I shared in this episode down below You can follow me on social media as well Those links are below in this video description, and I’m gonna get on out of here. I’ll see you guys real soon. Thank you So much for watching. My name is Lera Kenton. Stay educated and I’ll see you in another episode Alright everybody so if you’re watching this here are some playlists that I Recommend we talk about the different countries and cultures and people from all around the world. And we also post videos daily So come back every single day to increase your knowledge here on FTD facts



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