This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised for Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible!

This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised for Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible!

This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised for Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible! hello, everyone, there are 7.5 billion people on this planet and each one of us is unique in some way but there are people who let’s just say these stand out from the crowd they look unusual and do strange things which the rest of us don’t quite understand in today’s video we’re going to talk about people whose lives and hobbies are quite hard to believe

let’s get it on hands up

let’s get it on hands up how long can you stay in the same position after a couple of minutes your muscles or probably go numb and start aching most people are probably familiar with this situation you fall asleep in an uncomfortable position and in the morning you can’t stretch your limbs but there is a person in the world who’s been in the same position for over 40 years and he’s still alive meets Sadhu Amar Bharati the man who raised his arm and has never put it back down until 1973 sadhu used both his hands like a regular person people say he had a fairly ordinary life a wife three children a the middle-class family all in all sadhu was just a regular Indian guy but one day he decided to devote himself to religion sadhu visited the holiest places in India and after several years of wandering he made a promise and raised his right arm forever since then the man has not once put it down after several decades his arm has completely dried up and looks like a skin-covered bone basically his arm has atrophied and the strange twisted things at the end of his hand are his nails that’s what happens if you don’t cut them in time sadhu suffered greatly at first as his the body didn’t like this much but now the man lives in harmony with his arm

colander on the head

colander on the head Pastafarianism was originally conceived as a parody religion by physicist Bobby Henderson in 2005 this scientist probably didn’t imagine that his creation would become so popular in many countries the Churches of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are fighting to become an official religion and in some cases, it worked in New Zealand, for example, Pastafarians can celebrate marriages according to their traditions but the most interesting thing is their headdress followers of Pastafarianism must wear a colander on their head it’s considered a religious headdress which means that a person can take ID photos with this accessory on the head for example of a driver’s license imagine the face of the police officer checking your documents official authorities rarely allow Pastafarians to do this but in some cases, it has been possible and in many different countries such as the USA Austria Belgium and Russia

colourful ladies

colourful ladies do you have a favourite colour most people don’t care about colours once they grow up but not the stars of this video each of them loves a particular the color which one let’s find out Sandra Ramos lives in the woods of Ringwood New Jersey she dyes her hair purple has a purple house purple clothes and accessories even a car is purple only her caste doesn’t match this purple splendour even though Sandra is it a 70s she’s not planning on growing up on the contrary she enjoys her life the way it is and lives in harmony with nature you know hugging trees and stuff like that by the way her passion for purple is not the whim of an old person the photo show that Sandra discovered a favourite colour a long time ago and she doesn’t plan on changing it Valerio McCulloch is an artist from New York also known as Val bluff or the blue lady Valerius started wearing blue about 20 years ago when she first came to New York but she doesn’t like every single shade but one in particular international climb blue most likely when it comes to blue this is the colour you imagine in your head

Green Lady of Brooklyn

people often wear green on st. Patrick’s Day but Elizabeth sweetheart does it all year-round she’s the famous Green Lady of Brooklyn which makes us sound like a wizard or a witch Elizabeth has green clothes green hair green makeup and green accessories her house is also decorated in shades of green so it looks like it’s covered in grass or a layer of moss no wonder the green lady’s become a celebrity in her neighbourhood and online as well

yellow girl

hello London’s alias is Miss Sunshine which comes as no surprise this girl loves yellow her love for yellow began around 2013 and since then everything around Ella is a bright solar hue even food is yellow but this obsession has a pretty serious reason yellow was Ella’s father’s favourite colour the man even painted the doors and the windows of his house this colour unfortunately, Ella’s father died when Miss Sunshine was only two months old now Ella considers yellow an integral part of her life

pink is considered Barbies colour

pink is considered Barbies colour and some think it’s a colour exclusive to little girls but kitten Que serais 50 years old and have been wearing pink since she was 20 pink closets pink walls pink bed pink clothes the house of the pink lady of Hollywood looks like a doll’s house even the hair of kittens favourite dog is pink and finally, we have Connie Casillas who decided not to limit a softer one colour because she likes all the colours of the rainbow all like loads things and even Connie’s hair looked like a rainbow when she can’t find properly coloured objects she just creates them

her own living without money,

on her own living without money, it’s hard to imagine modern life without a lot of things for example without quality medical care or without internet or without money but Heide Marie shwarma proved with our own an example that living without money is possible trauma was a psychotherapist she taught for 20 years and had two children and three grandchildren Heide Marie came up with the idea of giving up money in the mid-1990s but first, she launched her own network to exchange services goods and everything she needed the money you simply lend the other person the service and that person does something for you in return the network was designed to help homeless and poor people who soon other people began to join in Irma realized that money wasn’t necessary to live and in 1996 she quit using it altogether she wrote several books held lectures and never regretted her choice unfortunately on March the 23rd 2016 Heide Marie shwarma died after a long struggle with cancer

strong family

strong family professional weightlifters nick best and his wife Callie best have dedicated their lives to building muscle moreover their two children took after them as well this family has taken strength training to a new level they have a special program and trained a total of 240 hours a week Dylan who is only 11 years old when this video is made confesses that sports training for him is like drinking coffee in the morning for grown-ups he doesn’t train he doesn’t feel right despite his young age Dylan can already lift weights of up to 68 kilograms Dylan’s younger sister Jessica can lift weights of up to 45 kilos although she definitely weighs much less you may think that kids don’t like this kind of training but it seems like everyone in the family is having fun I want to be like my mummy because she’s pretty and strong Jessica explained

the old school the couple

the old school the couple everyone can be weird in their own way but it’s best when your quirks match those of your significant other Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman from Seattle are obsessed with the Victorian era they both always felt drawn to the past so you could say that Sarah and Gabriel have found their soul mates first they started dressing in a Victorian style Sarah even wears a corset all the time then they bought a house built in 1888 and replaced all the modern appliances with antique ones for several years now the spouses have lived as if they were in the 19th century, they ride around on their vintage bicycles read a lot cook only recipes from Victorian cookbooks Gabriel and Sarah also use kerosene or oil lamps but still have electricity in their house however, they prefer not to use this type of lighting because it wasn’t common in Victorian times to keep warm the couple uses gas he as in kerosene instead of an electric stove with an oven the couple uses a wood-burning stove in addition they store the groceries in a special drawer with ice of course the family doesn’t have cellphones or other gadgets and there’s no internet so unfortunately Gabriel and Cyril probably won’t see this video

homeless by choice

homeless by choice people end up on the streets for all kinds of reasons it can be because of illness fraud a family tragedy, in any case, there are many reasons but usually, no one becomes homeless voluntarily except for Armando Esposito this man from Mexico lives on the streets of New York City but being homeless doesn’t mean that Armando is a hobo he has a job pays his taxes he likes to swim and even finds time to watch Netflix without spending anything on rent Armando saves up to $1,500 a month and he’s been living like this for four years according to Amanda he likes living on the streets of New York, he showers at a gym near his work and sleeps in different places in a cemetery, for example, would you dare to live like this

Adult Baby

adult baby, it’s hard for us all to say goodbye to our childhood and maybe that’s why some people choose not to even as adults they love to act like children or even babies and they love all activities that come with it wearing diapers sleeping in a special crib drinking from a bottle and generally acting like a baby this hobby is not cheap though and people rarely talk about it with their friends and we can see why dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can’t imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you’ll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great

This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised for Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible!

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This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised for Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible!
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