Top 10 Most Expensive Foods In The World!

Top 10 Most Expensive Foods In The World!

Top 10 Most Expensive Foods In The World! top 10 craziest deserts in the world I’m sure that everyone would agree that there’s nothing better than indulging in a sweet dessert after a nice meal it’s pretty much a normal course of take right but just how much are you willing to spend just to enjoy the costliest sweets on the planet an ice cream sundae sounds tempting but will you go for a something that will make your jaw drop in your wallet cry if extra answer to that is probably not all of us because some of those are not the luxury of spoiling ourselves and our loved ones with the world’s most expensive desserts knowing that however seems like the next best thing here are the world’s top 10 craziest desserts welcome back to top 5 best everybody before this video starts I want you to go down right now and hit that like button also while you’re down there make sure to subscribe for more videos if you do subscribe then also hit that Bell icon next to the subscribe button so that way you get every piece of content that this channel puts out now here’s a real treat if you have liked this video and you are subscribed to us write down in the comments I subscribed and I’ll reply back to 100 lucky individuals

number 10 Beyond gourmet jelly beans

number 10 Beyond gourmet jelly beans ah jelly beans the things that stick to the back molars of your teeth these delicious little jelly beans come in case in a jar made of crystal and what makes the jelly beans special you know aside from the crystal the jar is the additional 24 karat gold leaf confections as main ingredients this a gourmet brand doesn’t just offer the basic jelly bean flavours either on their website they offer flavours like bacon black cherry Thai chilli habanero Chipotle sea salt wasabi ginger blueberry cranberry grape coconut green apple lemon pomegranate vanilla orange fog peacock okay that’s a lot of flavours Oh root beer was the last labour that I was gonna say by the way and hopefully many more to come as well the 20 flavours in the line was hand-picked and selected from David himself the jelly bean guru and these are his favourite flavours among all that I produced in the world oh hey by the way a jar these gourmet jelly beans cost 500 bucks is it worth it now or do you just want to go spending on a nice intend Oh switch or something like that

number 9 no catch Auklet vintage

number nine no catch Auklet vintage most likely the least difficult suite on the rundown the vintage collection is given by Nokia chocolate comes in at a lavish eight hundred and fifty-four dollars for every pound the chocolate is sold by this organization is well known for being scrumptious and one of the finest made in the world nOCA utilizes all diverse sorts of cocoa from spots, for example, Ecuador Venezuela Cote d’Ivoire and Trinidad the chocolates that are given in the vintage collection are the greater part of the dim assortment each of them may would no less than 75% cocoa in case you’re new to such high-class chocolate no K even gives flavour profiles and tasting rules each one case is bundled in the excellent nOCA outline and all this dessert is making me hungry I’m gonna go get a Reese’s from a local gas station for like I don’t know two bucks maybe a nice box of dots for like a dollar mmm that sounds good

number 8 golden opulence sundae

number eight golden opulence sundae nothing about the title sounds remotely achieving quite frankly it isn’t his glorious Sunday costs a thousand dollars is how to stick to my homemade sundaes those are bitter anyway maybe the to heat and vanilla bean ice cream and specks of Amadei porcelana the most expensive chocolate in the world easily make the golden opulence sundae sound expensive but if they do not perhaps a 24-karat edible gold dragnets and dessert caviar topping the sundae will the golden opulence sundae is a sundae that is served by special order at the New York City restaurants serendipity 3 in 2007 it was listening to Guinness World Records books as the most expensive sundae in the world and honestly that doesn’t surprise me one bit

number 7 the golden Phoenix

number 7 the golden Phoenix cupcake contains exotic vanilla beans from Uganda and edible gold are just some of the ingredients found in the golden Phoenix cupcake it sold a Dubai’s blooms very tough Keke’s and this expensive dessert is served on a Valeri 24 karat gold cakes and the chocolate cupcake is big with the premium I’m a day for Solana chocolate and a premium new gun and vanilla beans and covered in 23-carat edible gold sheets the cake is frosted with chocolate icing and does it with edible gold dust it’s then garnished with gold dust organic chocolate flavoured covered strawberries and a golden spoon complete with the dish in June blueberry cupcake founder chef inna Yusuf Ali announced she wanted to create the pricy dessert it took her five weeks to develop the dish because of this it does not exert is uh thousand dollars per piece I’m probably not gonna get me a baker’s dozen anytime soon

number 6 a slice from the royal wedding cake

number six a slice from the royal wedding cake and a recent auction a slice from the Prince William Kate Milton wedding cake was sold for four thousand one hundred and fifty dollars this Liza said to be more than two years old that’s a lot of preservatives two years come on people I mean I get that these people are royalty but why do they have to auction off a piece of their cake its kind of pointless to be okay I guess if you have the money to buy a piece of two-year-old royal wedding cake why not am I right

number 5 frozen chocolate

number five frozen chocolate weight served in one of the most popular dessert establishments in New York City’s serendipity and the frozen chocolate height is made of 24 different types of Coco’s 14 of which are branded as the priciest Coco’s in the world on top of all that the chocolate sundae is a table with edible 23 karat gold adding to the lavish creation are the edible gold decorations crossing the goblets table you consume such extravagant creation is a gold diamond and Crescent spoon now all the things that are offered with this dessert is great but the prize is another story the cost of this great dessert is $25,000 you think about it all the dessert you’ve brought in your life might add to this ok maybe not and that price is just ridiculous that’s more than some cars that we’ve covered in some other lists

number 4 the absurdities

number 4 the absurdities I’m sorry ok wait the absurdity sundae okay okay how absurd could the sundae possibly be compared to the other okay never mind I hold my thoughts on this one the absurdity sundae is just as absurd as the price which I just said which is again $60,000 ice cream sundaes are probably a bore if you’re going to shell out $60,000 something that you can enjoy at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa the three twins ice cream found a role accompany you to the mountain and personally make you the world-renowned absurdity Sunday while you enjoy the view from Africa’s tallest peak the price also includes first-class tickets to Tanzania as saying a five-star hotel a climb with a tour guide and a t-shirt every souvenir cheese I mean that’s a lot of stuff but it is all that for a Sunday worth it I mean yeah I like free t-shirts or why not right I get my life together

number 3 the platinum cake

number three the platinum cake nothing and I mean nothing is cheap about this cake is a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in an effort to encourage women to wear platinum jewellery Japanese pastry chef Nobu acara whipped up the Platinum cake as the term suggests the cake contains Putnam flakes along with platinum necklaces pins and pendants Sikora dedicated the Platinum cake to popular Japanese women Rinko Kikuchi and chi Kanazawa among others if platinum jewellery is that hard to sell I guess the only possible way to sell it is to add it as a cake topping am I right if people like cake and will they like platinum jewellery I don’t know anymore, man, I live in a world where a cake cost one hundred and thirty thousand dollars I just I don’t know what to think anymore

number 2 strawberries Arnaud

number two strawberries Arnaud ah the strawberries are not sounded nice am I right yeah sure it might taste good but when you see the bill that delicious strawberry might come up tasting awful the price of this dessert is at 1.4 million dollars of strawberries married in the best pod answered with mint and cream make up the strawberries Arnaud available in our nod one of new your lines posh dining establishments the 1.4 million dollar dessert is taught with a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring that once was owned by Sir Ernest Cassell an English financier the strawberries Arnaud comes with a port which is served from a Charles and Crystal Cave set worth $25,000 worth it is I right I mean we didn’t need that 1.4 million dollars or anything else oh I sure wanted to build vibe all furnaces with 1.4 million dollars but I had to have just one strawberry on Lord

number one the diamond fruitcake

number one the diamond fruitcake a title that just breathes luxury I mean come on the front kick has diamonds in them it contains 223 diamonds to be exact this week creation took about six months to bake the Japanese pastry chef who expertly baked the fruitcake has expertly kept the ingredients a secret I mean aside from the diamond part I think that part’s kind of obvious anyhow would you are challenging enough to dish about 1.65 million dollars for cake would you be able to manage the cost of it without having a decent overdraft charging your financial balance more than likely he won’t, in any case, one cake culinary specialist in Tokyo chose that this cake was worth the excessive amount of cash the culinary expert shows to sell the cake on Christmas Day at a show entitled diamonds Nature’s Miracle the gourmet specialist took around six months to gallon the cake and a whole month to complete it and have it prepared to be sold that’s how

Top 10 Most Expensive Foods In The World!

even the jewels whatever is left of the cake is completely consumable this would appear to be a pleasant blessing for your wife here nectar have it both ways quite recently look for all the precious stones anyhow what lady doesn’t like jewels regardless of the fact that they are half route secured in icing and not set in gold, yeah I think I’ll just stick to the cakes, I buy at the supermarket it’s okay well you’ll live to see another day and that’s our video for today think any of these desserts are worth it maybe just want to go and get ice cream or something let us know in the comments down below while you’re down there why not give us a like and maybe even subscribe to us cuz it helps us out immensely and gives us even more awesome videos to show you with that said I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you next video you

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