Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards These Are Biggest blizzards

Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards These Are Biggest blizzards

Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards of all time hello there YouTube stick around to the end of this video if you live in the hot weather and want to see what it’s like to be miserable or if you live in the cold and you want a reminder on just how much worse the snow on your car could have been this morning I actually decided to do this video simply because it is currently snowing outside top-five best and on today’s list the top 10 most insane blizzards of all time and I am your ever lovely narrator gentlemen z Rex let’s begin shall we before we go on though I don’t hit that subscribe button right down there let us know you like our videos and lets us have even more motivation to put more videos out Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 10 Hurricane sandy

number 10 Hurricane sandy hurricane sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season what made it so unique and dangerous was how it pummeled the East Coast states of New York and New Jersey taking on the great metropolis of New York City where it unleashed tons of rain and did lots of damage but what a lot of people forget is that hurricane sandy also whipped up quite the snowstorm at such an out-of-season time for the state of West Virginia where there was 1 to 3 feet or 30 to 91 centimeters of snowfall in that states 28 out of its 55 counties there were a heavy reports of collapsed buildings in several counties due to the sheer weight of the wet heavy snow and just all throughout the state at a time when the leaves would be falling in the scenery would be beautiful and decked out in Halloween decorations as hurricane sandy had struck on Halloween of that year instead everything was covered in snow and when all the rest of the United States East Coast had rains and flooding West Virginia was covered in snow it’s such an out of season of time Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 9 the great Appalachian storm of 1950

number 9 the great Appalachian storm of 1950 following in the trail of hurricane sandy in our list is another storm that was a combo a build a blazer and a hurricane now what sucked about this one was that unlike most blizzards which lasts a day maybe 3 the great Appalachian storm of 1950 started on November 22nd and lasted until November 30th that’s 8 days in a row for a storm and the storm dropped over 57 inches of snow in both the United States and in southeast Canada coupled with the fact that La Nina was a thing at the time when the storm rolled its way through the Appalachians and you had winds reaching speeds of around 110 miles per hour or around 177 km/h yeah and this is when the United States is getting cold air so you can only imagine what that must have felt like when you already consider the cold temperatures outside it’s almost unreal that wind chills would have reached that low of a temperature and that speeds so fast too most of the snow fell in the state of Ohio with over one foot of it in some places throughout the Buckeye State what is interesting to note about this blizzard is that it became the one that meteorologists would go on to study for tracking and predicting winter weather Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 8 the Great Blizzard of 1888

number eight the Great Blizzard of 1888 this storm cleaned the lives of more than 400 people in the northeastern United States when it struck on March 11th and March 12 and 1888 label of meteorologists called a nor’easter which is a storm along the east coast of North America it’s called this because the winds over the coast typically originated in the Northeast and while Nor’easters can’t occur really at any point in the year they are most frequent and most violent between September and April which is exactly when the Great Blizzard of 1888 took place on a massive scale this storm dropped from the sky 40 to 50 inches or one hundred to one hundred and twenty seven inches of snow in the states of Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey and New York because of this huge snow dress buried people in their homes and in trains to make matters worse due to the extreme winds caused by the storm monstrous waves took to the bottom of the ocean 200 ships and their crews yeah when a simple blizzard is able to whip up wind so stronger they start to toss ways to sink ships you know that nature can truly be scary sometimes because who associates massive snowfall with sinking ships no one but it gets even scarier with Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 7 the great storm of 1975

number seven the great storm of 1975 first we had blizzards and hurricanes let’s just up the ante and give everyone a heart attack with blizzards and tornadoes take a step back into time with number seven our list the great storm of 1975 when a record low pressure system created tornadoes to form in the Southeast United States before the weather system headed into the Midwestern United States which then turned into deadly blizzard conditions that lights out more than a hundred thousand farm animals even stranger is that unlike most blizzards which originated in Canada gee thanks guys this bad boy got its roots in the Pacific Ocean of all places where a moved across the Rocky Mountains then hit the planes causing 45 and yes 45 tornadoes to form in total this two day outbreak did some serious damage to the tune of 43 million dollars from the tornados as for the blizzard well it was an intense one going from January 9th to January 12th and causing twenty million dollars in property damage what caused it among other things was the arctic air from Canada mixing in with the moisture from the warm Gulf of Mexico these two factors in turn are what make deadly blizzards Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 6 the blizzard of 1996

number six the blizzard of 1996 this one takes the honor of being one of the most infamous blizzards and nor Easter’s who ever hit the eastern coast of the United States it ranged from January 6th to the 8th of 1996 and when all was said and done this Blizzard did some serious property damage 4.5 billion dollars worth of it 4 feet of snow crippled the eastern coast the United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania got 30 point 7 inches of snow a record that to this day still stands and has yet to be broken but when it is one can only imagine just how worse that storm will be on top of this one the Blizzard also claimed the lives of 154 people now you may ask typically we assume it’s because they’re out driving in the snow despite emergency officials telling everyone not to but in reality what caused a lot of deaths where the storm was people working themselves to death and I mean that literally shoveling snow and take my advice little people and when snow is so heavy that it feels like you’re lifting Briggs and your shovel well it’s time to hang up the coat and call your grandkids to do it with their snow blowers Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 5 the Great Blizzard of 1899

number 5 the Great Blizzard of 1899 quit what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the great state of Florida or perhaps forward a man getting arrested or Disneyworld or Universal Studios or Miami or Daytona or Tampa Bay all things kind of warm in my correct what about snow no no of course not why would there ever be snow in Florida well there was and Florida was actually the starting point for the Great Blizzard of 1899 which began on February 11th since mother nature must apparently hate Florida the snowstorm started there and they went north what’s interesting to note about this Blizzard is that the temperature was so record-breaking low that some of those records actually still hold up to this very day 120 years later anyways when the storms went north in just one single Dale the buzzer dropped 20 inches or 50 centimeters of snow in Washington DC it got worse as the blizzard then dropped a record 34 inches or 86 centimeters in New Jersey in the end the Great Blizzard of 1899 went all the way from Florida to Georgia up the eastern coast and calling it quits in Maine that is a lot of land for just one storm to mess things up but you should know by now blizzards don’t play by nature’s rules Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 4 Snowmageddon this 2010

number four Snowmageddon this 2010 winter season storm wasn’t one but actually two blizzards combined that at the northeast and mid-atlantic united states in February 2010 back-to-back hence the appropriate name Snowmageddon 25 to 30 inches of snow fell from Virginia to New York and what’s even stranger the storm actually took life in Mexico a place that again you wouldn’t expect a blizzard to do any damage in Neela’s to say the massive amounts of snow caused not only loss of power for thousands of United States residents but also widespread collapsing of roofs which you know is kind of dangerous thing that can kill a person and when you’re hit with blizzards you’re also it was one of the most unknowing fall outs of them canceled flights and massive delays and air travel at Washington joules International Airport alone there were 32 point four inches or eighty two point three centimeters of snow yeah no point is taking off or landing into that and when all was said and done and the second storm it dissipated sixty eight point one perfect of the continental United States was covered in snow yeah more than half of the country was blanketed in the stuff and that’s just kind of nuts in my opinion Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

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number 3 the 1993 storm of the century

number three the 1993 storm of the century we near bequeath with a title like that well you know it’s got to be good or devastating in our case do you know what a cyclone is because here let me bring it on for you a cyclone is another word for a hurricane was that so hard now this bad boy of a storm went all the way from Cuba up to Canada which means it was none to mess with has it basically covered an entire continent yeah let that sink in for a second this storm was one of the most intense mid-latitude cyclones ever observed over the eastern United States due to its strong high winds over ten million people were without power places in North Carolina and Tennessee reported having fifty to sixty inches of snow the storm was apparently a spawn of Satan as it went through some of the country’s most heavily populated areas Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 2 the great blizzard of 1978 of Cleveland

number two the great blizzard of 1978 of Cleveland Ohio are gonna be very familiar with this one it has been cited as having been the worst blizzard in US history when atmospheric conditions collided in this case a subtropical jet stream meeting with yet the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico but on a much more devastating scale the people of Ohio Valley were the prime target for this big one of a blizzard initially it started out as rain which is always fun because that’s going to turn to ice as the temperature drops and snow starts falling it got so bad for people in Cleveland that many just straight up abandon their cars on the highway like could you imagine doing that being like well this is it either I stay in this car and freeze to death or I trek it home some other way Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

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Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

the blizzard was the worst in Ohio history and citizens who had access to four-wheel-drive vehicles or snowmobiles weren’t asked to drive doctors to hospitals may what snowmobiles that’s uh interesting could you just imagine a doctor riding on a snowmobile to work well it happened from January 26 to 27th the entire Ohio Turnpike was shut down for the first time ever this storm was so bad that the National Weather Service categorized it as a rare severe blizzard with horrible Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

why now conditions and winds up to 100 miles per hour the wind chill across most of Ohio reached negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit er negative 51 degrees Celsius and as bad as this storm sounds it would only get topped just a few weeks later by all right and I saved the best for last but first I had a quick challenge that only takes five seconds to complete so if you can leave a like and subscribe within the next five-second you’ll get 10 years of amazing luck just give it a try it really works Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

number 1 the northeastern United States blizzard of 1978

number one the northeastern United States blizzard of 1978 when a storm that happened over 40 years ago has its own website well you know it’s one for the books this storm in New England New York and New Jersey all at the same time from February 5th to the 7th 1978 at some point this storm was so bad that it brought about the rare weather phenomenon known as thunder snow which is a thunderstorm complete with thunder and lightning but instead of rain it’s snow yeah imagine not being familiar with that one

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when you’re out stung on this thing and you hear thunderous booms and see lightning and assume that some Viking God has just crash-landed onto earth several homes along the New England and Long Island coastlines were destroyed or washing to the ocean due to this storm which again yet don’t really think about when it comes to blizzards of all things well may the storm particularly dangerous was the speed in which it fell it fell so fast that snowplough trucks across impacted areas could not keep up with the snowfall edge of the storm had come and gone residents in Boston Massachusetts in Providence Rhode Island were left without heat water food and electricity for over a week oh just Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards These Are Biggest blizzards

how bad was it well Boston got hit with 27.1 inches or 69 centimetres of snow while Providence broke records with 27.6 inches or 77 years of snow what was particularly most devastating was the fact that nearly all economic epicentres in the areas where the blizzard did the most damage were grounded to a halt and when corporations and people’s money stops flowing that’s when you know things are seriously bad thankfully we haven’t had a storm like both blizzards from 78 in a good time so let’s keep it that way anyways that’s it for this list, everybody, like I always say we didn’t make it this far be sure to eat us up in the comments below as we always try to respond and just say what’s up also don’t forget to drop a like down below cuz we’re top 5 best and thanks for reading guys see you around next time Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards Top 10 MOST INSANE BlizzardsTop 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

Top 10 MOST INSANE Blizzards

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