Top 10 People Who Remember Being On The Titanic In A Past Life


Top 10 People Who Remember Being On The Titanic In A Past Life what would you do if someone came up to you and told you that they lived a life prior to the one that they are currently living now what would you do if someones will do that they remember being on the Titanic in their past life would you be completely freaked out or intrigued to learn more let me know in the comments below along with any reincarnation stories of your own hey everyone what’s up and welcome back to most amazing top 10 I’m your host Lindsay Ivan and today I’m bringing you the top 10 people who remember being on the Titanic in a past life

Number 10 The Birthday

starting off this countdown we have the birthday this man is convinced that his younger brother was once on the Titanic he says that when she was about three or four years old he was terrified of water so much so that he was terrified of taking a bath when his a brother asked him why he was afraid he said and I quote I was on a big ship hit the biggest iceberg and then it was really busy then I got really cold and wet and I went to a warm bright place and waited until my next family came wood okay that’s intense me and while his brother claims like he’s super young and has never seen the Titanic or even heard about it the strangest thing about this the Titanic sank April 15, 1912, his brother was born April 15th 1992 same day several years later women

Number 9, We Have The Little Girl

on the number nine we have the little girl this next woman has very vivid memories of being a little girl on the Titanic she states that she remembers the night that it all happened her parents were getting dressed up in fancy clothes she was sitting on her bed in a frilly dress waiting for them when they get to the dining room a man with a moustache takes her hand and kisses it in says and I quote such a pretty little girl someday you were going to make a man very happy in the middle of the night she claims that she heard three people talking before her mom rushed into her room and told her nurse caretaker to put on her coat they go out to the deck where they see people trying to get in lifeboats she ends up on a boat with her mother but they get back off of the boat to go find her father and the nurse eventually they’re stuck on the Titanic without a lifeboat and she remembers it slowly sinking her remembers sliding into the cold water and sinking down into it, we’re from there everything just went black in Orissa

Number 8 The Engagement Ring

we have the engagement ring this next woman claims that when she was 12 she started getting memories of her being on the Titanic she states that she would often be overwhelmed by a claustrophobic feeling in a rocking sensation as if she was on a small room on a ship now one day she ended up watching a history program on the Titanic that’s when she would see clips of passengers aboard the Titanic the woman would clearly recognize them and remember their names before that film even mentioned who they were she eventually visited a Titanic exhibition in Copenhagen when she saw the reconstruction of some of the cabins she immediately felt ill and she felt that same walking sensation now the freakiest the part is when she saw a ring in the exhibition which supposedly belonged to an unidentified female traveller she immediately felt the connection to that ring and knew that it was her engagement the ring

Number 7 We Have Charles Light

at number 7 we have Charles light roller his next individual remembers being Charles Herbert light roller a Royal Navy officer and the most senior member of the Titanic crew who survived the tragedy this man remembers walking down the grand staircase and seeing all the beautiful gowns he also remembers being on the Titanic’s bridge he always saw the connection to the Titanic and him knew that he was once on it that’s when he discovered a picture of Charles and immediately felt connected to it

he knew that was himself what’s freaky is that in June of 2001 this man met a woman at a coffee shop while he was writing a novel about the Titanic she came to him randomly and said you my dear was on that ship I see you as at all strongly built man wearing a dark jacket with brass buttons and a white cap with a black visor she then proceeds to flit, sir, one of his books he had links to a photo of Charles and says that’s you okay that is show creepy how this random woman knew he eventually went to the tech exhibition in Seattle to try and bring back more memories that’s when he was flooded with them he remembers seeing himself in a uniform and he could even hear the music playing while he saw couples dancing in the ballroom

Number 6 Alfred Peacock

in our six ugly hat Alfred peacock two years after the Titanic sank a little boy was born while he was growing up he had a bunch of vision surrounding the Titanic which led him to believe that he was on the Titanic when it sank he claims that he remembers being a two-year-old boy on the ship with his family his mom and his little sister when he got older he began to remember more details like staying in the third class cabin he also recalled that his name started with the letter A and ended in D which led him to believe that his name might have been Alfred upon looking at the Titanic passenger the list he discovered that there was a boy named Alfred peacock Alfred was on the Titanic in the third class cabin with his mom and sister just like the boy claimed we’re now at our fifth and halfway mark with

Number 5 The Devoted Wife

the devoted wife but a woman named Amanda was just 19 years old she began to have memories of her being on the Titanic, she remembers that she was the first-class passenger named Julia travelling with her family while aboard the Titanic, she met a fellow whose name is either Marcus or mark who eventually turned out to be her husband they both met aboard the Titanic and fell in love fast when the Titanic was thinking they both managed to survive by getting a lifeboat they stayed in contact afterwards and eventually got married in fact she was at an antique store one day and saw an antique silver mirror and brush set which triggered the memory of her using one while getting ready for her wedding what I find fascinating though is that Amanda claims she hasn’t had a boyfriend because she feels like no one treats her, as well as her past husband, did that is so cute like their love is just eternal like she still loves him many lives later in

Number 4 The Dream

our fourth thought we had the dream back when this individual was in third grade she would have dreams of a bright room filled with fancy dress people dancing she remembers walking through the ballroom and seeing a grand staircase then she would wake up from the dream she never thought anything of it until at school, she watched a documentary on the Titanic this documentary showed the ballroom exactly how she dreamt of it before this documentary, she never heard of the Titanic let alone seen pictures of it 20 years later she finds that every time she has a cold shower she starts to gasp as if she can’t breathe one time while in the shower, she closed her eyes and had a vision of her drowning in the cold waters to this day she occasionally has dreams or flashbacks to the time that she was aboard the ship coming in

Number 3 Waldo Daniels

at number 3 we have best Waldo Daniels this next individual remembers being a woman named best Waldo Daniels aboard the Titanic she discovered that she was best when she saw a picture of best husband and children and realized that they looked exactly like the individuals from her own visions, she remembers the early light that’s best the memories from her childhood all the way up to the day that she passed away on the Titanic she had a husband named Hudson and three children Helen Hudson and Lorraine she remembers being in their stateroom when her husband came in and told them to follow him out to the boat deck she remembers him saying that it’s not safe to take the elevator so they had to take the stairs she then gets in a boat with her baby while sounds of panic fill the air in the boat she was with complete strangers, she handed her baby to one man with curly blond hair while she stood up to look for her husband then all she remembers is that the boat rocked and she fell into the icy cold waters

Number 2 Bridget O’Sullivan

in the second spot, we have Bridget O’Sullivan a woman named Jackie is adamant that she was once a woman named Bridget O’Sullivan who was a passenger on the Titanic she remembers being a third-class passenger when the Titanic was sinking she was in a small room with something blocking the door making her trapped inside the room she remembers seeing the water pour in through the door the ship tipped and a large chunk slid and hit her left hip thorough fills with water and she drowns turns out Bridget O’Sullivan was a real person who indeed was a passenger on the Titanic in fact when Jackie found a picture of Bridget, she claims that they both looked identical when they were the same age and in our

Number 1 We Have The Boy Named Jamie

number one spot, we have the a boy named Jamie now Jamie’s story was even featured on the show ghost inside my child which is a show about children who may have been reincarnated now ever since Jamie was little he had a huge fear of water which is weird considering that his whole family loves swimming and the water he would only go as far as standing on the pool steps and he would freak out if he went in further in his the family also claims that he would suffer from terrible night terrors where he would basically wake up panicked and would sprint around the house into each room as if he was trapped and trying to find his way out this would happen almost every night now it doesn’t stop there one time when Jamie was learning to ride his bike

he said he remembers seeing his mom rides her blue bike well apparently when his mom was little she would ride a blue bike but never when she was older when his mom asked how he knew this he said there are windows in heaven mama there were also other unusual things about Jamie around the age of four he would say port and starboard instead of left and right and he would also say some words with a slight English accent one day Jamie ended up watching the ending of the Titanic thanks to his babysitter and this heightened everything from there he would constantly draw images of the ship some containing great detail showing the different levels in all the rooms he even knew facts about the ship that a five years old possibly couldn’t have known like how one time he drew a ship with four smokestacks but he only drew smoke coming out of three his mom asked him

why one wasn’t working and he said that’s a dummy stack it’s just for show and this is true apparently they only use three of the smokestacks but thought four looks better so one was just faked now Jamie also would be overcome by guilt constantly he repeatedly would tell his mom that the tragedy shouldn’t have happened and he said and I quote mistakes were made and corners were cut he said that men in the boiler rooms shouldn’t have been trapped he also said that the boat should have been made out of iron instead of steel this among all the other facts led his mom to believe that his son helped build the ship war was a worker aboard the ship and that’s all for today’s video move on to our comments showed up the portion I’ll be showing up comments for my video top 10 famous urban legends that came to light part 4 Kara Thomas commented neat chaotic screaming most amazing YouTube channel ever thank you so much, Karen,

Top 10 People Who Remember Being On The Titanic In A Past Life

that means the world to me gamer girl really commented I got my foot stuck in cement for four hours my foot is okay now how did you get your foot stuck in cement for four hours did you walk over a wet cement and just like sucked you in that’s insane but for hours like what happened was it like a cement cast on your foot and then they had like I don’t even know how I want to know please let me know somehow gotta like Bella chromatid, I went to a museum and one of the statutes actually moved oh are you sure it wasn’t just like an interactive exhibit or but did it actually move because

I need to know more information on that or did you just have a dream after watching night at the Museum major assent and that’s all the comments I’m shutting out for today make sure to comment something down below for a chance to be featured in my next um and shadow and as always don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to most amazing top ten for more amazing videos I have in your house Lindsey Ivan and I’ll see you when I see you

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