TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN LIGURIA – Popular destinations in the Italian Riviera. What to see in Liguria

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN LIGURIA - Popular destinations in the Italian Riviera. What to see in Liguria

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN LIGURIA – Popular destinations in the Italian Riviera. What to see in Liguriawhat is up to everybody and welcome to my youtube channel my name is Danny and on today’s video we’ll be talking about popular places to visit in Liguria if you’ve never heard about Liguria before Laguna is the Italian Riviera so it’s about the area that goes from the French border with cortisol which is basically the French Riviera and goes towards Tuscany so all of this area is called Italian Riviera or also Nguyen and I’m sorry if my Italian pronunciation won’t be very good in this video but all travellers in this area of Italy especially popular for its pretty colourful coastal towns such as super desi and Portofino but Jennifer is also another popular the place to visit there while Jennifer is not as pretty as the other two, it has plenty to visit and so many people are eager to visit before we carry on with this video as you guys know one of my topics on this channel is about of the beaten path

and I try to talk as much as possible about every single destination places that generally are fewer exports and the reason why I’m doing this video about popular places to visit in the Italian Riviera is that I want to bring you another video with less popular places and if I just talk about the less popular places you guys will miss a bit so that is the reason why on today’s video we’ll be talking about popular places to visit in Liguria and then the next week I’ll be bringing you another video on off the beaten path in this specific area of Italy so as I mentioned the three top destinations of Liguria will be Portofino Cinque

Terre And Genova

Terre and Genova I will say Jennifer because it sounds better for me but as you know when you write it in English it will be general even though Portofino is one of the top places to visit in Liguria I think it’s still fairly unknown compared to other places in Italy such as a Gulf Coast or Rome or Venice so it really is an area that you will find fewer stories it was August when we visited in 2018 and even though cinque Terre had quite a lot of people visiting I would still not compare that crowd to the crowd in Venice or Rome like not at all so if you don’t like the crowds even the popular places in Liguria can be fairly okay just be prepared to see a lot of people when you lose a cheek with it especially but you might be lucky as well and you might not have so many people comparing to other places in Italy now to make this easy for you guys at least in terms of visualizing as usual

I’ll be writing a blog post about this and on my blog posts I’ll be having a map so you can easily see where are these locations on the map now without further ado let’s start with your first location and I’m gonna start from west to east from the French border towards Tuscany so the first place you visit in Liguria is Jennifer aka Chandra if you want to write that in English so Jennifer is not a pretty coastal town like the other two and like many other they’ll be talking in another video but Jennifer is quite popular for being the big commercial centre now because it is a big commercial centre you will find it quite industrial so you will have a pretty big Harbor you will have a very large medieval old centre and there will be plenty of museums and historical buildings as well so if you are into culture and into history Jennifer will certainly have something for you Jennifer is also very popular for its the aquarium which is the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe

so if you are one of those people who look forward to see beautiful places like me for example, then Jennifer will probably not be the one for you and you’ll find it quite unattractive in industry Jennifer was the place that I like the list in the Holi Korea area and to be honest with you is simply because one it wasn’t as attractive visually comparing to the other places in Korea and is not my type of place and secondly because it was quite dirty I remember being in a bus stop and there was a base marks all over the place and the actual bus stop mistake and you could see the marks going all over from the bench towards the floor and there were lots of homeless people and guys hanging and pissing in the middle of the street and all of that just made me as you know what

I really don’t like this place but again if you like culture if you like history probably you will enjoy Jennifer lots of people recommend others who visit that area so here it is its part of the list, it’s not my favourite but you do you maybe you said another great the thing about Jennifer is it’s access to other places in Liguria and it’s of prices so if you’re looking for a place to stay based at Jennifer might be a good option because of its great bus services and train services that you can take to get to any other place in Liguria and also the prices will be a a lot more affordable so if you are on a budget Jennifer might even be a good option for you


the second popular place to visit in Liguria is Portofino as I mentioned in the beginning of this video now Portofino is a very fancy destination because it’s generally associated with celebrities many many celebrities used to visit this place and even nowadays they do and because of that you’ll find plenty of fancies restaurants luxurious boutiques and shops and that explain why parking there is so expensive and why you might want bringing your own food instead of eating there that being said is not just a place for celebrities there are lots of tourists going there every single year and so tourism is also a great thing in there now the reason why people visit this place is not only because of its association with celebrities and VIPs but it’s also because of its beauty

what the pheno is truly beautiful you have a the small square at the harbor in front of the small square and around plenty of colourful houses and also some churches that makes it really really beautiful you can access Portofino by foot if you want to hike from some time I get Italy good at or you can take a train to some time a great allegory and then from there you can take a bus all the way to Portofino you can also access Portofino for boats if you want but this will pretty much be your options if you want to drive I wouldn’t recommend you to take your car over there again because it’s simply too expensive and the tickets can be priced outside eros and 50 cents an hour and the reason why they exit su Portofino is a little bit tricky compared to other areas are because it is kind of in a bad end instead of being along the coast and throughout a road, you’ll have to get off Santa Margherita Laguna and then after the hike to Portofino you can’t go anywhere else there is actually plenty to do in Portofino even though it is a small town

and I you will need more than one day to be there to be fair but if you enjoy hiking there’s plenty of options to hike you can hike all the way to the Church of st. George if you want to have beautiful views to the harbour and if you want to have even a better view then you can hike all the way up to Castle Brown in Castle burn you will have to pay five euros at least that’s what I paid back in 2018 and from there you won’t have much to see there are some cool galleries inside a little bit of history about Portofino,

it also has some graphics explaining you which type of species you can find in the ocean right next to Portofino area and then finally you’ll have this top view towards Portofino that in my opinion is the best view ever you don’t only have these two opportunities to hike you can also hike towards somewhere to also now somewhere to oh so it’s a destination that will be talking in our next video but to get an idea Sanford – oh so it’s like a small beach in the middle of nowhere with the really hard access with an abbey at the end and it’s just stunning with crystal waters so for you to access that place you can take a boat but you can also go on a hike now the hike is stunning and I would really recommend you guys to do it at least one way and then the other way you can come on the boat again

I’ll be talking more in detail about this place in our next video but this is another the hike that you can do not only that if you like water activities you can also go kayaking or you can go on a private boat or you can also go snorkelling and diving another thing to have in consideration of Portofino is that during the night is very different than during the day you’ll see many tourists just like you and you’ll find people hiking from one place to the other sweaty you’ll find people going on the water activities as I mentioned but overnight you’ll be surrounded by people dressing really really fancy clothes so they can go on a fancy dinner right by the harbour with candles around them and joining a very expensive seafood plate and then finally the top place to visit Liguria out of these three 15 whatever you’ve probably heard about to another before antiquity remains five lengths or five tons this five comes from west to east and I’m really sorry about my pronunciation

but I’m sure I’m gonna try my best or monterosso Bern AXA Corniglia Manarola and Riomaggiore so these five counts are very different from one another although some people would consider very lots and Manarola kind of similar so basically from this five down to the 30 most popular are again for not similar Ola and Riomaggiore the motor also it’s most popular for the beach and there is like a very nice rock formation in there that is less attractive comparing to the other three and the least popular of all of them is Corniglia because you have to hike a lot of steps and I really made it

when we went there there was a guy playing and it’s orange in the middle of the street so that was super nice but it is indeed not as pretty and attractive as the other three tons so if you don’t have enough time to see all five maybe you can skip Corniglia that being said ideally, you will visit the whole five, in my opinion, was worth it going to Corniglia but I know many people who don’t consider it to be worth it all the hike up and then knock down as well because you just can’t go anywhere from there so you have always to go down to the train station now you might be asking what team whatever has to offer because if we’re comparing to the other two Jennifer has a lot of history and culture to offer it to use if you’re into museums and buildings and architecture and that is a place for you Portofino is more of a beautiful town with nature activities such as hiking and activities and think what that is a little bit different

Cinque Terre

now Cinque Terre is popular for its pretty houses and just because every single corner is beautiful not only that you can hike all the way from the first time to the last time so there is plenty of hiking opportunities I know that some of these hikes were actually closed at least when we went there back in 2018 but you will be able to hike from most of them at least now if you don’t want to hike all the way from one town to the other because he is very strenuous and you’ll eventually get really tired from hiking all the time and not only that but you also have to pay for some of these hikes you can also go to a certain point of the hike where you don’t have to pay can you will still be able to have a very very good view towards the towns now on our case

there was only one time that we have to hike a little bit out because we wanted to see a certain view and the guy at that pain the point actually understood that we just wanted to take the pictures and he was very kind to us and just let us go through until we went to the viewpoint and then we went all the way back there is also plenty of options to just take some Sun bucks and enjoy the water now depending on how the time is and just be aware that if the waves are really strong you should not get me in the water it’s old but when the water is calm you can truly enjoy it and go along with other Italian people will be just chilling around in the water with a beautiful background of the colourful houses behind them so there are three different ways to visit these five towns so the first one I just mentioned hiking then you can take a train from all of the tongues just make sure you validate it because otherwise, you might get a pretty bad fine and then lastly you can also hop on a boat tour will take you from one town to another town but

they will only run during summer and independence of the weather and the tide conditions when we visited the waves were too strong so actually and unfortunately, we couldn’t go on a boat tour because you pathetic is so popular and touristy you’ll definitely find plenty of options to buy a souvenir and they also have plenty of these shops that sell local arts if you are interested in what Italians do in this area and if you like seafood then this is going to be an amazing place for you if you’re hungry when you’re in sync whatever make sure you try the fried see through to the fried fish because it’s a local speciality and is really really delicious and those were the three top places to visit in the area if you’re into popular destinations now as you guys know I write into videos about off-the-beaten-path destinations so the next video is going to be a little bit different now

what I think people truly miss out when they visit Liguria is that they only focus their inner area around Portofino Jennifer and chick with their hair and they miss on a lot so on the next video make sure to bring you a very very good list of off-the-beaten-path destinations in Liguria so maybe I can change your mind and I can help you to the side adding some of these destinations onto your itinerary and not just stick to the three places that everybody goes as always guys I truly appreciate you thank you so much for watching this video as you know I don’t have a lot of video content from my past troubles because my camera got stolen and I lost my action camera twice in my previous trips so I hope these videos are helpful for you even if I’m mostly talking and using pictures to show you what you can have in every single place now on my Instagram, I do have highlights from every single of this place so if you would head over to my accounts so you can check my highlights and you’ll be having a more visual idea in terms of video of where

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN LIGURIA – Popular destinations in the Italian Riviera. What to see in Liguria

we went what we did in every one of these places now if you’re new to the channel please make sure you subscribe to it and you click on the notification bells you get updates every the time I release a new video and please guys appreciate every time you leave a thumbs up and comment as AI wants to bring this video to as many people as possible so I can help them out in the travel and also in terms of getting to know every country better before they visit it thank you so much once again have a great week and I’ll see you on the next video goodbye come on aeroplane come on man come on noisy Montell also Montero’s Monterosso motives I can’t say this

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