Why is Hitler so popular in India? This Is Reason

Why is Hitler so popular in India? This Is Reason

Adolf Hitler is popular in India his autobiography Mein Kampf has been featuring in the bestsellers list in India since years now and he is studied extensively for leadership lessons many Indian cafes restaurants barbershops ice cream brands and menswear shops have been named after Hitler although many of them end up changing

it later due to pressure even mugs and merchandise bearing the image of Hitler can be purchased on several eCommerce websites Hitler’s popularity is even more relevant today because many scholars journalists and critics believe that fascism is on a rise in India. What explains this phenomenon?

Why is Hitler so popular in India?

why so much admiration for someone who rose as a dictator in a foreign land? well here’s FMF’s new video strictly analyzing the popularity of Hitler in India in the most balanced way possible the enemy of the enemy is a friend this ancient proverb is one of the key psychological factors why Hitler is admired by most Indians Hitler’s

admirers in India see it as a simple equation the British colonized India and Hitler started a war against the colonizers of India moreover a great nationalist like Subhas Chandra Bose even met Hitler once Bose wanted to win India’s independence by waging war against Britain and he came to Berlin in 1941 seeking Germany’s

help he initiated the formation of the free India Legion the initial recruits of the free India Legion were volunteers from the Indian student resident in Germany and the Indian prisoners of war later a small contingent was transferred to the Indian National Army in Southeast Asia this connection of India’s struggle for independence with Hitler’s Germany makes

the Nationalists feel that Hitler was on their side after all and hence the admiration for him. India loves the idea of the dictatorship. A 2017 survey by the Pew Research Center revealed that 55 per cent of Indians support autocracy is defined as a system of government by one person with absolute power. A system in which a strong leader can make decisions without interference from the Parliament or courts.

This Is Reason Why Hitler Is Popular In India

The same survey also revealed that 53% of Indians feel that military rule would be totally good for the country, in short, most people in India believe that one person one leader one Messiah one Savior is better than an elected bunch of people one might think that Modi’s rise to absolute power is something new happening in India

but it is not true the Modi phenomenon is nothing new Indians have always preferred strong leaders when Indra Gandhi had declared a state of emergency across the country in 1975 some people in middle-class India actually liked the idea well Indra did lose the 1977 elections but her vote share in South India actually increased and she still got a larger proportion of the vote in 1977 than Modi in 2014. In 1984 Rajiv Gandhi’s government had passed the anti-defection law

which took away the power to vote from individual legislators concentrating power in unelected party high command’s even Nehru used article 356 to further the political interests of Congress moreover from time to time politicians themselves have mocked democracy in several interviews and speeches –

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” You talk like a dictator. Don’t you believe in democracy?” “I want to say that democracy isn’t even born yet in the country” “The sins that a person commits…. You are going to hide those sins under the garb of calling that “a democracy”. ” I belong to the single largest party and I am in opposition he is the third-largest party he’s inside the front but outside the government a glorious past and the feeling of being wronged the Germans after World War one and Hindu nationalists

after India’s independence felt they were historically wrong a Hindu nationalist finds it unfair that a large portion of India’s land was lost in the form of Pakistan on religious grounds not only this Hitler’s fascination with a glorious german past is also similar to a Hindu nationalists idea of ancient

India’s glory professor Anirudh Deshpande of Delhi University says Indians have been influenced by fascism since the 1930s especially upper-caste Indians who believe they are Aryan cousins of Germany however Deshpande also says that most Indians admire Hitler without knowing much about him he says

the average Hitler t-shirt wearing Indian hasn’t even heard of the Holocaust Deshpande believes that the steady failure of the Indian state over the last 30 years has discredited democracy in the country and strengthened the popular appeal of what the Japanese historian Yoshiaki calls Grassroots Fascism

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